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Global OOH Trends in 2023

Like any media format, out-of-home (OOH) is constantly making its way through trends, not only on a local level, but also globally.

But the difference in the way these trends change isn’t really very different from other media trends. Like music or entertainment, these trends often shift based on popularity garnered from online viewers and discussion. 

3D Digital Billboards 

For example, the recent boom in 3D digital billboards has been overwhelmingly present to those in the OOH industry, with each news article and social media post following another. 

They work by using “naked eye” 3D image technology to appear as if the subject of the ad is moving both within and outside of the billboard itself. They’re often on digital screens that wrap around the corner of a building, enhancing the 3D effect by using the angles to their advantage. There are a few prominent screens globally, including this one in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and this one in Seoul’s Gangnam District

In the past few years, these billboards have been popping up practically everywhere, thanks to their “wow” factor and the engagement they receive from the general public, particularly online. 

These ads are certainly different from most OOH ads, particularly in the way that they attract wandering eyes with their movement and dimension. Passersby who may not have been giving their surroundings much attention are drawn in by the effects, often stopping to look at it and film a short video to post online. 

Once online, these videos often reach a fairly wide audience, receiving quite a bit of engagement, particularly if the ad is for a popular brand or public figure. For example, this one promoting famous K-Pop group aespa has received quite a lot of attention online from the group’s fans, and this Charles & Keith x ITZY collab has MIDZYs in a chokehold. 

Non-Traditional Approaches

While this is fairly broad, the OOH industry has recently been expanding past the simplicity of merely having a good ad through means like a clear tagline or call to action and balanced design. And while those aspects remain important and will still likely produce a successful advertisement, it’s becoming increasingly popular to bring something less traditional to the table. 

This is often done through alternative advertising methods, as opposed to traditional OOH formats like billboards. Whether that’s via methods such as mobile retargeting or golf course ads, the OOH industry is expanding, making it a great time to swoop in and try out some new ad formats. 

Globally, in the entertainment industry, truck advertising has been on the rise as a method for promoting new releases, particularly in east Asia; for example, K-Pop entertainment companies have run truck campaigns as a method for promoting their artists’ comebacks

Trendy Design 

As always, an ad being visually engaging is quite important when it comes to success, and design trends are almost never stagnant, so keeping up with the trends is important, whether you’re advertising in Europe, the Americas, or anywhere else globally.

For 2023, it looks like trends are leaning towards the futuristic side: shiny elements, along with neo culture influences and expressive fonts and typefaces paired with bright colors. 

Overall, keeping up with the forward momentum of the OOH industry can be tricky, as it’s ever-changing and reliant on global trends. To stay up-to-date, consider an active online presence, and make sure you keep up with DOmedia online via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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