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Vendor Spotlight: Catchweight

Catchweight_DollarRentalCar Phoenix_Advertising_TruckDOmedia, the host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the US, is constantly encountering innovative vendors. In our Vendor Spotlight series, we attempt to highlight these companies and explain to you how they are pushing the industry forward. Today we’re focusing on Catchweight.

Founded in 2011, Catchweight is an award-winning marketing agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with offices in Los Angeles and New York. They offer a unique portfolio of hyperlocal truck-side marketing solutions. This allows them to efficiently reach new customers at scale. With general-routing, ads are displayed on trucks driven by certified carriers actively making deliveries. For those who want more flexibility, they also offer controlled-routing. This option utilizes dedicated drivers for 8-10 hours per day to penetrate market events to provide unmatched brand awareness for advertisers.

A large part of what makes Catchweight successful is their veteran leadership team. Jason Ohlson, owner/founder/president,Catchweight_Chicago_Advertising_Truck is a passionate entrepreneur and the former executive editor & principle of C: The Columbus Magazine. Jeff Alderman, executive director of client management, is responsible for business development and paid digital marketing practice. Nick Dodson, director of marketing, is responsible for delivering results-oriented brand marketing programs and media campaigns.

According to Ohlson:

“Catchweight believes our clients are best served by a dedicated team of veterans. We take this approach specifically because it enables transparency, speed, agility, and responsiveness. We leverage data to de-politicize decision making and guide our choices. Everything we do is designed to drive tangible and measurable scalable business results.”

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Wallscape Advertising



This week, the BillboardsIn blog is talking all things wallscape advertising! They discuss the benefits of these elaborate outdoor advertisements.

Wallscape advertising has more flexibility than traditional billboards when it comes to location. Since wallscapes are attached directly to exterior building surfaces, they can be placed wherever there is a building.

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Advertising With Vehicle Wraps


This week, the BillboardsIn blog is discussing how vehicle wraps are the best way to get your advertisement seen all over the city. They outline all of the different types of vehicle wraps available. 

Vehicle wraps generate thousands of impressions throughout their route. This creates a low CPM and delivers a high return on investment. There are a few different wrapping options to fit any budget when advertising with vehicle wraps.

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Our Top Five Valentine’s Day Billboards



This week, BillboardsIn counted down their top five favorite Valentine’s Day billboards. See which brands did their best with chocolate hearts and diamond rings.

Snickers used their iconic tagline to save Valentine’s Day. This billboard had 300 replaceable valentines pedestrians could peel off and take to their loved ones. Snickers is also reminding you to grab some chocolate, more specifically a Snickers, to gift alongside the card.

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Freeway Billboard Advertising


This week, the BillboardsIn blog took at a look at freeway billboard advertising. They breakdown why it’s one of the most effective OOH advertising options available today.

Along with the high visibility of freeway billboard advertising, the creative freedom of these huge bulletins will leave a lasting impression for your audience. Billboards are visible 24/7 so drivers, commuters, and long-distance travelers are consistently exposed to freeway advertisements.

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