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Freeway Billboard Advertising


This week, the BillboardsIn blog took at a look at freeway billboard advertising. They breakdown why it’s one of the most effective OOH advertising options available today.

Along with the high visibility of freeway billboard advertising, the creative freedom of these huge bulletins will leave a lasting impression for your audience. Billboards are visible 24/7 so drivers, commuters, and long-distance travelers are consistently exposed to freeway advertisements.

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Outdoor Advertising for Lawyers


This week, the BillboardsIn blog took a look at a few reasons why outdoor advertising is a great marketing tool for lawyers. They discuss building your brand, finding your target market and much more!

Having your face and name on a giant billboard will create awareness for your firm or practice. People driving by your advertisement every day will begin to associate your firm with a familiar face. When they need a lawyer, your name and face will pop in their mind immediately!

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Mobile Billboard Trucks


This Week, the BillboardsIn blog talks about mobile billboard trucks. They take a look at the different types of trucks and how to utilize customer interaction.

Mobility allows advertisers to strategically place their ads when and where it matters most. No other media format can offer the moveability of a custom route to consumers based on geography and demography.

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The Cost of Billboards


This week, the BillboardsIn blog discusses the factors influencing the cost of billboards. They talk about how location, size and visibility affect billboard pricing.

The location of a billboard determines who sees the advertisement and how many people pass by. The price to rent a billboard in Times Square greatly differs from a billboard in rural Indiana.

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Seller Release Notes 12/18: Two New Tools for Sellers


Previously, sellers had no way to generate a contract unless it came from a proposal first. Now, sellers are able to create contracts with their inventory to create a record of inventory proposed outside of the DOmedia system.

From your Contract Dashboard, simply click Create New Contract.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.18.47 AM

Then you can type in the general details. You can also use the Fill From Historical feature to save time adding the inventory.


And then type in the contract inventory information. Click Save when done.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.42.36 AM


  Sellers now have many more options and features when exporting Powerpoint presentations. New features include layout options, background images, font choices, and more.  Start by going to My Proposals and clicking on Export.


You can choose between CSV, PDF, or PowerPoint. Click PowerPoint.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.46.46 AM

Choose the options that best fit your needs and then click Export.


Now you have your own customized PowerPoint presentation based on your proposal!

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.53.06 AM