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Billboards and Political Advertising


This week, the BillboardsIn blog is discussing how local, state and national political campaigns can all benefit from political advertising. They discuss the benefits of mixing media and how to successfully utilize outdoor political advertising.

The best practice is to use all of these formats to target voters repeatedly with different messages about the candidate’s beliefs and platform. Adding OOH to other campaign advertising increases mobile 316%, social media 212%, traditional TV by 18% and Radio by 45%.

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Father’s Day Billboards

Fathers Day edit 4.1

This week, BillboardsIn counted down their favorite Father’s Day billboards. See which brands brought their best dad jokes!

Interactive advertisements are always a great way to promote your business as well as get free publicity through shares on social media and word of mouth. In this Father’s Day advertisement, Marshalls gave away free gifts to passersby just for sharing a dad joke. The gift was chosen at random, and a certified climber would even climb up the wall to grab the gift for you! This billboard advertising experience is sure to be one that you will never forget.

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Billboards and College Advertising


This week, the BillboardsIn blog is taking a closer look at how college advertising is so beneficial to colleges and universities. They breakdown how to best utilize billboards to target future students and drive website views.

Colleges and universities of every size see a significant gain in enrollment and increases in community awareness after implementing outdoor college advertising. We see just how beneficial college advertising is from Coastline Community College in Orange County, California. By implementing outdoor advertising around the city, they saw 8.9% growth from the same time last year.

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What Do Billboards Advertise?


This week, the BillboardsIn blog answered the question, “what do billboards advertise?” They discuss how any industry can benefit from outdoor advertising and highlight a few key industries that use billboards.

Billboards are used to promote businesses, brands, and products in every industry. In a time with emerging technologies and mobile smartphones, there are plenty of new ways to deliver targeted advertisements to consumers, but the one advertising format to stay on top of the advertising landscape is outdoor advertising.

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Show off Your Assets – Embed a Map on Your Website

New York Transit Shelter Locations – XYZ Media

Show potential buyers what you’ve got, by embedding an interactive map of your media assets directly into your website.

These maps offer all the awesome functionality you already love from DOmedia including:

  • The same images and photosheets you’ve added for agencies using DOmedia
  • Impressions per cycle and audience demographic data
  • ZIP code shading and Google StreetView
  • Find and display nearby businesses or points-of-interest with Google Maps search