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Changes to Search and Improvements to RFP

Creating a better experience during the media buying and selling process is what we like to do at DOmedia. Over the past weeks, our team have been busy developing a number of technology improvements for the system that impact the media buyer and media seller experience.

New Sorting in Search

  • We have heard from our users that accurate and complete information is important. There is now a way to differentiate complete data. The default for each search will select the most complete/accurate data on top. Sellers indicated with complete profile information are participants of Subscription Profiles.
  • The other option for sort order of the the search results is alphabetical by company name
  • Increased speed of searching by ZIP code to just a few seconds – your media planning / buying experience begins in seconds.

Search Improvements on DOmedia

RFP 2.0 User Experience Improvements

  • To increase the ease of use on RFP 2.0 and compile (for buyers) / propose (for sellers), there is a new “Full Screen View”button on the page that expands the width of the media data table
  • We also re-designed the look and feel of the media data table to improve the user experience while in RFP 2.0.

Fullscreen RFP Enhancement

RFP 2.0 Download Functionality

  • RFP information can be downloaded from the RFP Dashboard. All data that is saved within the media data table can be downloaded into an Excel formatted file to be opened locally on the user’s computer.
    • For sellers, this feature allows them to share templates for proposals or work within Excel then paste their proposal into RFP 2.0 with ease.
    • For buyers, the downloaded document dynamically calculates proposal rows formulas to make the proposal review process faster.

Navigating through the RFP 2.0 Process

By now, most of you have seen our new version of the RFP Tool’€”RFP 2.0. We have gotten a lot of great feedback and common questions from sellers, which have assisted our development efforts. We will have an update with some new functionality, and I wanted to give you a heads up. In addition, I thought some useful tips might help you quickly navigate through the process.

Remember, the information below only refers to our DOmedia Standardized Template on Step 2, not individual templates customized and attached by the buyers.

Update Improvements
We are making some updates that should help make the process even easier for media sellers. Updates to the built-in template and dashboard will help you save a good deal of time.

The first update to the process is on the spreadsheet on Step Two. Our Standardized Template on Step Two will have a Live view, which will make the table bigger and easier to read. This will allow for easier scrolling as well.

Download All on RFP 2.0

Download all feature on RFP 2.0

Our next improvement is the new Download button that will be viewable on the dashboard after the Terms of Service are accepted. The Download button will allow users to download the entire DOmedia Standardized template (including the headers) to their computer. This file will download as a zip file and opens as one Excel file.  No more copying and pasting from the template to Excel to work on it! Also, any information that you have already entered into the template will also download into the file. This function will allow a snapshot of your spreadsheet any given time. This download file can be saved on your computer as a record of what was sent to the client. Any attachments that you add will not be downloaded, only the Standardized Template will download. Continue reading →

Collecting Intel

Intel Gesture Display

It would be difficult for any large company, let alone a $54 billion tech company, to enter the digital signage space without making a splash.

There’s no doubt that Intel has its eye on the Digital OOH prize.  Whether they choose to operate as a ‘branded ingredient’ for hardware companies, or embed themselves elsewhere in the value-chain, one thing is certain..  Intel wants to play, they want to play with winners, and they want to grow their way into a dominant market position…

Continue reading →

How to Create Interactive Media Maps with DOmedia (Video)

As a media buyer, one thing that takes a lot of time is viewing vendor locations. With DOmedia, in just a few clicks you can view media inventory locations to help you create a media plan, or pinpoint highly targeted media for your campaign.

After searching the map for inventory, you can request a quote from the media vendor or send them an RFP to help you execute your media campaigns.

Mapping is free for approved agencies and advertisers on DOmedia. Sign up for free at or request a demo.

Request Demo

New Features for Expert Media Buyers on DOmedia

We’ve added several awesome new features that will change the way you find & buy media on DOmedia. See below for details on the new Company ProfileInteractive Mapping, updates to Search Results & our Online Support forum.

If you have any feedback, please let us know:


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