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8 Gas Pump Signage Companies in the DOmedia Marketplace

Competition has been fueling up this week in the Gas Pump Signage business with the announcements of Gas Station TV’s plans to double its network size and Outcast Media’s merger with PumpTop TV and Health Club Media Network. For those media lovers who are unfamiliar with the space, here are 8 Gas Pump Signage Companies currently listed in the DOmedia Marketplace.

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AllOver Media - Gas Pump Tops

AllOver Media knows alternative out-of-home media. The company’s President, Tony Jacobson, was one of the founders of the indoor advertising industry! No company knows the complexities or has successfully executed as many indoor and gas pump campaigns over the years as this enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team. AllOver Media saw the trend emerging: time spent with traditional media was declining. Reaching captive audiences would be the key to successful advertising in the future so AllOver developed medias that couldn’t be tuned out, turned off or missed. AllOver Media uses gas pump, convenience store, indoor print and digital animation to hit captive audiences they move throughout the marketplace. Service and quality driven – and fun to work with… the company has got it ALLOVER other out-of-home media companies!

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Brite Media Group - Gas Station Media

Brite Media Group is a leading alternative media company helping advertisers build one-to-one relationships with consumers throughout their daily lives. Brite Media Group is composed of four companies, BriteVision Media (coffee sleeve advertising), GSA Media (gas station pump top advertising), AdverTickets (valet and machine-issued parking tickets and cash jackets) and its national indoor advertising company. With a nation-wide presence, Brite Media Group’s four companies reach millions of consumers every day.

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Captive Audience Advertising Logo

Captive Audience Advertising specializes in Alternative Advertising and marketing strategies for the modern age. Since the company began in 1996, it has led the way with indoor ambient advertising, then Gas Pump Billboard Advertising, and most recently with Mobile Billboard Advertising. Captive Audience Advertising’s programs provide customers with better ways to reach their target audience, making your advertising dollars work smarter.

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Gas Station TV

GSTV is the largest away from home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience , showcasing premium content from first-rate programming partners like ESPN, NBCU, local Accuweather and original content to consumers during a natural 5-minute pause point in their day.   GSTV can reach and engage on-the-go consumers like no other media.

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Newport Business Media - Diesel Pump Toppers

NEWPORT BUSINESS MEDIA is the undisputed leader in innovative, effective media services for trucking and its allied industries. The vast, highly fragmented North American truck market becomes easily accessible through Newport’s unique multi-media network. DIESEL PUMP TOPPERS pump it up with out-of-the-ordinary, non-traditional advertising. DIESEL PUMP TOPPERS allow you to build your brand image, convince a trucker to make a purchase, generate a direct response or direct a trucker to another location. You need DIESEL PUMPTOPPERS to catch the eye of the trucker as he is refueling his vehicle as well as when he’s walking to/from the cashier to pay his bill.

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Outcast Media Logo

Outcast Media - PumpTop TV

Outcast is a leading digital media company reaching on-the-go consumers while they fuel their vehicles. High definition LCD screens and rich sound entertain captive consumers creating a 1:1 communication platform for advertisers without ad skipping or channel surfing. The Outcast Network reaches more than 20 Million active consumers each month when they are active, off the couch and in a purchsing frame frame of mind. Advertisers that have used the Outcast network include McDonald’s, MasterCard and Honda and many more. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. with offices in New York City.

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Pacific Media, Inc - Gas Station Advertising

With over 10 years of experience executing non-traditional creative ideas from companies and their agencies Pacific Media has formed long lasting relationships with thousands of different types of sponsor locations all over the country. Our wide range of opportunities allows your company to expand traditional marketing ideas into endless possibilities. With over 12 years of experience in Gas Pump and non-traditional out-of- home advertising,Pacific Media combines national presence with local representation on all non-traditional campaigns.

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petroTV - Gas Pump Digital Screens

petroTV taps into a captive audience by utilizing high-definition LCD screens strategically placed at gas pumps.

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Startup Q&A with Rich Langdale – IT Martini

Rich Langdale

Rich Langdale, CEO, DOmedia

…Posted by Angela Gonzalez in IT Martini on Feb 2, 2011.

This IT Martini Media Correspondent can barely spell ‘€œentrepreneurship’€ while Rich Langdale lives and breathes the word.  So much, in fact, that he helped found the Center for Entrepreneurship at The Ohio State University.  Langdale’s newest business venture, DOmedia, is a 2010 TechColumbus Innovation Award semi-finalist for Outstanding Product.

DOmedia is a database of over 200,000 traditional, alternative and digital media properties.  From highway billboards to digital signage networks, DOmedia provides one centralized location for media planners to search for, assess and contact available media properties throughout the US.

IT Martini asked Langdale how he felt about DOmedia being nominated for a 2010 TechColumbus Innovation Award.

‘€œIt’s a great honor,’€ he replied.  He went on to say that the awards are a great program for Columbus.  The awards provide ‘€œwell-deserved recognition’€ for Columbus outside of its geographical boundaries. TechColumbus is providing a showcase for the exciting innovation occurring in Columbus.

Why DOmedia?  Why create a database of media properties?

Langdale answered that he has a strong background in marketing and logistics, so he cares a lot about this area. When looking at marketplaces for investment, Langdale looks for growth markets with great inefficiencies, high fragmentation and lack of transparency.

IT Martini asked what Langdale meant by ‘€œlack of transparency’€ and how that applied to the media properties market.  He responded that advertisers don’t buy as much as they’d like because they are simply ‘€œnot able to see all that is out there.’€   DOmedia was of interest because of the shift in marketing dollars to on-line and out-of-home advertising.  DOmedia is able to compile the opportunities and place that information directly in front media planners, who need to understand the many channels available when planning a multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

IT Martini wanted to know what advice Langdale has for those wanting to invest in or launch a start-up company.  Langdale emphasized that having a great idea in a great market is core, but not enough.  It is critical to ‘€œbuild out a vision, a mission, a strategy and a financial plan.’€  Get your ducks in a row, in other words. Langdale added that one of the key items of a strategic plan is getting key personnel in place.

How do you gather key personnel?

‘€œNetworking,’€ was the answer.  Networking venues for Langdale include NCT Ventures, Ohio State University, TechColumbus and our own IT Martini events.  Jeff Lamb, DOmedia’s Chief Technology Officer, for instance, is someone Langdale worked with previously.  Once Lamb was on board, Lamb was able to recruit and build the core technology team behind DOmedia.  Langdale emphasized that DOmedia had a ‘€œdramatic need for sophisticated database expertise.’€

Langdale had additional advice for those thinking of investing in or launching a start-up.  He stated that after getting the right team together and developing the financial plan, a business model is essential.  Entrepreneurs should ‘€œspend a lot of time thinking about how long it will take to get a customer.’€  How long it takes to acquire customers is how long it takes to recoup the dollars invested.   That means, on the flip side, planning in advance how long you can sustain the business prior to acquiring a strong customer base.

Langdale is a deep business thinker who develops clear goals and invests time crunching the numbers prior to investing in a start-up company.  It must be the correct formula, for Langdale has done this ‘€œa couple dozen times.’€  IT Martini hopes to enlist Langdale in 2011 IT Martini panel discussions and tech talks so that he can share his expertise with IT Pros and budding entrepreneurs.

DOmedia’s Stats Confirm: Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) Market Expands Rapidly in 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 1, 2011  — Digital-out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is the fastest growing segment in the out-of-home market with no signs of slowing down. According to preliminary numbers reported by PQ Media, a leading provider of alternative advertising and marketing research, the digital out-of-home market was expected to grow 15% for 2010, to $2.07 billion. This trend is consistent with patterns seen by DOmedia, (, the Out-of-Home Advertising Marketplace and leading provider of planning and buying tools for alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media. DOmedia has seen continuous double-digit growth since its founding in 2007.

In 2010, DOmedia experienced a 30 percent growth in DOOH searches. “There is considerable momentum in the marketplace for DOOH,” noted Rich Langdale, interim CEO of DOmedia. “For example in 2010 alone, the number of total searchable companies in the DOmedia marketplace increased 18 percent to over 460 companies, but the number of digital companies nearly doubled, increasing 92 percent, to over 100.” The number of agency and advertiser users also grew dramatically in 2010, almost doubling the amount of buying users compared to 2009.

There are a number of reasons for increased interest in DOOH advertising. According to DOmedia, consumers are spending more time out of the home than ever; two times more today than 30 years ago. And when consumers are out of their home, they are increasingly likely to see DOOH advertising, from screens at the gas pump to ads in their local mall. Consumer researcher Arbitron found in a 2010 Digital Place-Based Video Study that more than two-thirds of teens and adults have seen a digital video display in a public venue in the past month.

Marketers are finding a much more receptive audience when they reach consumers while they are out than when they are at home on the couch. According to Mr. Langdale, “When a consumer is at home watching television, the commercial is an interruption and TV watchers often use this time to get up and do something else. Contrast this to advertising at a gas pump or when waiting in line; these ads are often seen as a welcomed distraction.”

Additionally, with reduced ad budgets due to the recession, marketers are finding that digital-out-of-home advertising is one of the most efficient ways to reach consumers cost-effectively. For example, during the elections this past November, DOmedia showed campaign media buyers how they could target their political ads to one particular precinct or zip code enabling them to target their messages more effectively. The company expects that this targeted use of DOOH will only increase as more election campaigns become aware of this tool.

Retailers are also finding value in reaching a targeted audience. According to Mr. Langdale, DOmedia saw a spike in searches in the fourth quarter for last minute Christmas advertising campaigns targeted to shoppers.

Technologies such as those offered by DOmedia are expected to reduce the cost of DOOH media in the marketplace. The use of technology creates increased efficiency that lowers the cost and increases the scale by which DOOH media can be planned and bought.

Limited advertising budgets, decreasing costs in DOOH due to market efficiencies and better advertising targeting will all lead to continued DOOH growth in the coming years. “We are on target to grow dramatically in 2011, with no signs of slowing down,” Langdale said.

For more information, an online demo, or to do a free search, visit www.

About DOmedia
DOmedia is the Out-of-Home advertising marketplace that simplifies the process of buying and selling media. Through its online platform and product suite, buyers and sellers connect and DO business more efficiently. The company is privately funded and based in Columbus, Ohio. For more information and to do a free search, visit


Question for Media Sellers: How Much Time Do You Spend Responding to RFPs?

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DO the Math: Reach Sports Fans This Football Season

What % of Adults Regularly Follow Their City's Team?

For advertisers looking to reach the football audience this season, here are some of the cities with the highest number of football fans who are loyal to their city’s team. Overall, 61.2% of US adults regularly follow a professional football team, 56.5% of which are males and 43.5% of which are females. Professional football fans are also affluent’€”38% earn more than $75,000 in HHI, and 24% earn more than $150,000 in HHI.

You can reach this captive audience using a DOmedia’s targeted search tools which give you the power to select top DMAs and filter results by specific categories and venues.

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Source: “The Media Audit Sports Report” – 2010