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TechCrunch9 was a 10!

DOmedia at TechCrunch

Well, Dave Hunegnaw (founder & head of business development), Jon Myers (founder & head of user interface/design), Todd Cameron (founder & CEO) and myself spent Friday evening meeting, greeting and mostly being blown away. What can I say?!? TechCrunch 9 was an amazing event!! A big thank you to TechCrunch, Jeanne Logozzo, August Capital, and everyone else involved in putting on such a first-class party. We couldn’t have asked for a better forum to introduce DOmedia to the world. The food, the drinks, the music (courtesy of Pandora, which we all highly recommend!), and the 500+ attendees definitely made for one hell of a Friday night party!

We had a chance to share the DOmedia vision with tech innovators, VCs, members of the press, and a whole host of really interesting people. (Keep an eye out for Todd’s podcast interview with TechCrunch Head Honcho himself, Michael Arrington via TalkCrunch; it should be available soon. ) The best part for us was that once people got a chance to see what we were all about, they were pretty jazzed about it. It was fun going down the stream of imagination with people as they started coming up with their own innovative uses of everyday objects for advertising campaigns. Which is, of course, the backbone of the community section — members sharing cool ideas, best practices and improving the industry as a whole.

We also had a chance to check out the other companies doing their own demos. Todd and I both got ‘streamed, thanks to Chris Yeh and his Ustream network, which gave us a great opportunity to present our concept and answer questions from viewers. “Not Justin” from Justin TV was also there capturing the action, and our own Dave Hunegnaw. I got to give a big shout out to Kyte, and get a sweet orange t-shirt in the process. What can I say….I’m a sucker for cool schwag!

Anyway, check out TechCrunch’s event wrap up for all of the details and see more of our photos on our Flickr page.

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