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Westin redefines “transportation”

What do rain forests, Icelandic waters and tropical fish all have in common? They are all part of a multi-city, multi-execution, completely transformative $30-million branding campaign for Westin. As a continuation of the upscale hotel chain’s This is how it should feel campaign, agency-of-record Deutsch NY created mini-escapes for weary 9-to-5-ers, transporting them, even momentarily, from their daily routine to a more restorative environment.

The execution, which is heavily focused on out-of-home elements, launched in subways, airports, train stations and highways in major US cities. The ambitious effort includes more than 270 pieces of creative across 2,750 placements nationwide.


Here’s just a taste of what you could run into:

  • Decorated interiors of all 3 S trains in NYC running between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square
  • Leticular ads that display 2 different images that seem to transform one to another placed throughout train stations nationwide
  • Column wraps in NYC subway stations featuring tranquil landscapes that, when viewed from just the right angle, form a larger image
  • Sub-media images placed in subway tunnels come to life a la childhood flip books as the trains zip through (a blooming flower in the morning and crashing waves in the evening)
  • Bluetooth enabled billboards that encourage passers-by to download a Westin ringtone
  • 3D billboards featuring a Zen rock garden or blooming flower

Besides just being really creative, this campaign manages to make the Westin brand tangible. It breaks through the clutter, captures the viewers attention, and makes an emotional connection. You may not need to book a hotel room today, but when you do, chances are you’re going to have a pretty good feeling about Westin.

In contrast to the outdoor execution for Wite-Out, Westin’s work is engaging and relevant….and even makes me want to ride the subway. Anybody got a token?

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