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Google Goes Lunar

moon-image.jpgHaving already taken over the Earth, it appears Google may be looking to the heavens for its next conquest. According to this Dean Whitney post that hit the cyberwaves yesterday, Google is working on a deal with Virgin Galactic that will allow it to sell (waaaayyyy) out-of-home advertising on the Moon by 2010….yes, you read that right, on the Moon. Apparently the two innovative companies plan to build a giant projection system using a number of tethered satellites that can be programmed to project an image right on the moon’s surface. The post goes on to state that,

The display area will be visible to anyone, most viewers will be able to see large objects displayed but additional information like text, URL’s and smaller graphics will be visible with the use of binoculars or telescopes. The moon inventory will be available based on regions; splitting North America into zones plus global regions including several Asia Pacific regions, Europe and the Middle East.

Looks like Google has really thought about this one. Now, I’m not sure if this is one heck of an April Fool’s Day gag or not. But then again, both Google and Virgin have a history of going beyond what anyone else thinks is possible…and then monetizing it. Maybe the brand managers at Ambien CR should keep an eye on this one…

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