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The Sky’s the Limit…or not

cloudsx-large.jpgYou may remember us talking about Google advertising on the moon, and then Virgin and Google joining forces to conquer Mars. While those seem to have been elaborate April Fools’ hoaxes, we just ran across another far-fetched advertising opportunity that is, in fact, the real deal.

Remember when you were a kid and you could lay outside looking up at the sky making pictures out of the clouds? Some looked like flowers dancing in the breeze. Others looked like playful dolphins swimming in a vast sea of blue. You get the idea. Well, it seems an Alabama entrepreneur has found a way to customize those cloud shapes into recognizable products and logos. Special effects gurus Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover have parlayed their movie magic talent into the branding world, launching Flogos, “logos that float.” (If you want to see exactly how it works, check out their video on YouTube.”

According to the USA Today article,

“Francisco Guerra, who’s also a former magician, developed a machine that produces tiny bubbles filled with air and a little helium, forms the foam into shapes and pumps them into the sky.

The Walt Disney Co. will use one of the machines next month to send clouds shaped like Mickey Mouse heads into the air at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Guerra said.”

I can see the Targets, Nikes and Apples floating by now. Oh wait, that’s a real cloud.

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