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Is Google the Future of Advertising?

google-analytics-tv.pngJust ran across an interesting post on TechCrunch profiling the latest addition to Google Analytics…TV ad measurement. This enhancement to their previous offering of Adwords TV Ads promises marketers instant access to key performance indicators:

  • impressions delivered
  • number of ad plays
  • cost
  • CPM

Additionally, since all of this information is loaded into the familiar Google Analytics interface, you can view your TV campaign performance right next to your online campaign reports, and even view website traffic and television impressions on the same graph.

Unfortunately, Google’s TV distribution is pretty limited right now, given that their ads can only be fed through Dish Network boxes. However, I have no doubt that this glimpse of what measurement is possible will cause marketers to pressure their other media providers for better data faster. Heck, with an average CMO tenure lasting less than 2 years, they need all the ammunition they can get.

Of course, only time will tell what impact this latest offering has on both the success of Google’s TV Ads product and the industry as a whole, but I think the trend is pretty clear…in the age of ROI, data is king.

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