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One more reason to love Jameson

jameson112508-2.jpgI was flipping through the virtual Advertising Age this morning and ran across an interesting piece on Jameson Irish Whiskey. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I am already a big fan of the brand, which is really the main reason I clicked on the link. But all predisposition aside, they are about to launch an impressive, innovative campaign leveraging digital projection to “speak” to passers-by in New York, Boston, Denver and LA. According to Advertising Age, here’s how the “spot” unfolds:

You’re walking past Grand Central Station and spot an ad projected on the side of the building. It reads, “Maybe you drink Jameson because our ads really speak to you.” A few seconds later, it changes: “Yes, you. Steve, right?” A few seconds later, it changes again: “Not Steve? Sorry, you look like a Steve.” And finally: “Still here? What are you waiting for? A tagline?”

Clever. Creative. And definitely attention-getting…especially if you happen to be Steve. In most cities, this outdoor projection media campaign will be a scripted 7- to 10-minute loop that is designed to look like someone is typing the lines out. However, if you happen to be lucky enough to be in Los Angeles when this hits at the end of the month, then what you see will, in fact, be lines typed out by a copywriter in real-time interacting with individuals near the display. How cool is that?!?

Big-time kudos to advertising agency TBWA Worldwide and media shop Carat (both New York) and the brand team at Jameson, led by brand director Wayne Hartunian. Hopefully they’ll roll this out in more cities next year.

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