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Coke leaves its mark by decreasing its (carbon) footprint

Coca-Cola LogoSince 2007, Coca-Cola has made it a company goal to turn around the image (and carbon footprint) of its corporation.  Once an eco-offender, producing tons of waste and run by gas-guzzling trucks, Coke is now one of the ‘€œgreenest’€ brands in the U.S.

Coca-Cola’s billboard has overlooked New York City’s Times Square for decades now, a continuous resident since 1932.  This year, however, the brand rang in the new year by reinventing their memorable advertisement by using wind power to light the digital screen. According to Coke, this commendable move will reduce 376 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually – the equivalent of converting 38 houses to clean energy for one year or planting 471.5 acres of trees.  But even better yet: this transformation has started a trend among 30 neighboring billboards, preventing a combined total of 1,866 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually!

The billboard’s energy source isn’t the only thing that’s new this year.  ‘€œRefresh.  Recycle.  Repeat.’€ is the billboard’s most recent message, declaring its commitment to going ‘€œgreen.’€  This display, along with its goal to recycle all of the plastic bottles and aluminum cans it sells in the U.S., is part of Coke’s new philosophy to ‘€œLive Positively.’€

Coke has also hit the fashion scene in past years with its eco-friendly fashion line of clothing and accessories, all of which are made from recycled products.  Trendy t-shirts, which display sayings like, ‘€œRock your rubbish’€ and ‘€œRehash your trash,’€ can be found at www.cokestore.com.


 LEFT: “Drink Me.  Wear Me.” (front)  “Love Me.” (back), CENTER: “Rehash Your Trash”, RIGHT: “RPET Red Hobo Bag” made from plastic (PET) bottles

Learn more about the company’s recycling programs and how you can help in your own community by visiting www.livepositively.com.

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