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UNICEF’s Dirty Water Campaign uses alternative media to raise awareness and funds

Thanks to our friends at Media Life Magazine for highlighting this clever use of alternative media by UNICEF’s Tap Project.  The campaign featured a vending machine labeled “Dirty Water” in New York City’s Union Square in an effort to educate about the lack of clean drinking water in so many Third World countries around the world.  The vending machine gave people the option of purchasing a multitude of Dirty Water flavors – from Malaria to Typhoid to Dengue Fever.  Yuck!

Dirty Water - Vending Machine

Luckily, no one bought (or drank) a bottle of Dirty Water, but many were compelled to donate to this meaningful cause by inserting bills and change directly into the machine.  The campaign also allowed people to donate with their phone by texting TAP to 864233 (UNICEF) – another great example of alternative media and SMS text messaging integration.

Props to the creative folks at Casanova Pendrill for coming up with this campaign and donating their time too.  Great work!

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