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ECOtality’s EV Project: Clean Energy Tech & Digital Ad Networks


With a history in electric transportation that dates back to 1989, ECOtality North America has worked on every Electric Vehicle(EV) initiative in North America since the 1990’s. Under the guidance of ECOtality, the EV Project will install the largest EV infrastructure to date. The EV Project is scheduled to deploy 15,000 chargers and 8,300 EV’s in 2011. All chargers will have an individual digital display that will inform consumers of their charge event status and deliver advertising.

Blink DC Fast Charger

Blink DC Fast Charger

A select number of the charging stations, the Blink DC Fast Chargers, will use a 42″ LCD touch screen to display charge status, statistics and cost, convenient payment options and billing information, and connect to the Blink Network web portal for further information. The Blink Network will enable full network coverage for delivery of national ad campaigns and will have hyper-local customization capabilities. The Blink charging units are available for wrap effects. They are scheduled to start appearing at BP and ARCO fill stations as early as March 2011. This further displays the growing relationship between new consumer serving technologies and digital ad networks.


The test markets for this round of infrastructure development are 16 major cities in 6 states including 6 of the top 10 DMA’s. Check out a live map of current locations on ECOtality’s website.

More information on the EV Project and ECOtality

Blink 220V Chargers

Blink 220V Chargers

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