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Scentsa Media Networks Launches Largest College Bookstore Ad Network (Barnes & Noble)

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Scentsa Media Networks is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Barnes & Noble College to implement the Scentsa Media Networks – Barnes & Noble College Digital Media Network. Barnes & Noble is the nation’s leading operator of college and university bookstores.

The Barnes & Noble College Digital Media Network is the largest multi-media network in college bookstores in the United States with approximately 1,000 large LCD screens in 400 Barnes & Noble College bookstores. The network counts some of the most prestigious and highly enrolled schools in the world, including Harvard University, Northwestern University, Texas A&M, The Ohio State University, Penn State University, University of Central Florida, and Yale University.

The elusive 18-24 year old college student demographic holds great value and the potential to create lasting brand relationships when new consumer purchasing behavior patterns are being formed. In one centralized buy, a brand can reach over 4 million college students (23% of the U.S. college student population) plus an estimated 1 million faculty, administrative and visiting family members nationwide. Having access to locations that deliver targeted impressions is an opportunity for advertisers to change the dynamic of their relationship with college students.

‘€œWe are pleased to begin this partnership with Barnes & Noble College,’€ says Steven Fish, Co-CEO of Scentsa Media Networks. ‘€œScentsa Media Networks is providing a unique opportunity to build brand awareness and engage the 18-24 year old demographic in a retail environment.’€

Canyons SalesIn addition to full screen and sectional screen advertising opportunities, the Barnes & Noble Digital Media Network content provides the most compelling, current, relevant and captivating categories for the students such as extreme sports, music, fashion, social networking, health, celebrity news, school updates, technology and news; as well as a wide variety of live information feeds.

For about the price of one traditional print or TV national ad, your company can get one month of DOOH advertising on every campus in the entire network. During its current launch phase, Scentsa Media Networks has special values for charter advertisers and discounts based on the details and length of flights. These introductory rates are an added incentive to secure a running dialogue with the next generation of early adopters who can catapult brand popularity within this highly influential demographic.

UCD ExteriorWant to include the Barnes & Noble Digital Media Network as part of multi medium integrated campaign?

Scentsa Media Networks can also provide access to the following campaign opportunities through its Barnes & Noble College partner:

  • Online Advertising on official campus bookstore websites
  • Presence in U4U College Magazine (1 million circulation at the start of the school year)
  • Customized Sweepstakes & Contests
  • Sampling
  • High traffic exposure with campus signage/postering
  • Social Media marketing on B&N
  • College Fan pages – Over 171,000 Facebook Fans
  • Email Marketing – 1.8 Million opt-in
  • Shopping Bag Advertising
  • Collateral Distribution
  • Experiential and Event Marketing
  • Café Marketing in 50+ full-service in-store Cafés serving Starbucks coffee

DOmedia is the online marketplace where you can buy the Barnes & Noble College Digital Media Network. Take a tour of the full Scentsa Media Networks product offering in the DOmedia Marketplace. Send your RFP’s ASAP! Back-to-School will be here before you know it and prime space on this network is available now.


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