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OAAA Says Stand Up and Be Counted

Stephen Freitas, Chief Marketing Officer for OAAA, explains why it is imperative for all media sellers in the outdoor industry to provide accurate data to the three reporting agencies.

The outdoor advertising industry is recovering and growing. Over the last decade, the industry has added new formats, new clients, and new ways of communicating a brand’s message. These changes have all brought more dollars into the out of home industry, a trend that is expected to continue at a rate of 7.1 percent growth annually, according to MagnaGlobal’s June 2011 forecast.

However, without accurate reporting, the story of the medium’s trajectory will be incomplete. Significant progress in achieving the industry’s goal of increasing market share will go unrecognized and unreported.
Outdoor advertising is unique in how revenue and ad spending are collected and reported. For other traditional media, the process is passive and automatic. With outdoor advertising, it’s compiled company by company, market by market. Without a committed industry, available statistics are bound to be inaccurate.

Three agencies report outdoor advertising revenue, each satisfying a different need: OAAA, Miller Kaplan, and Kantar Media. OAAA works closely with each service to identify methods to streamline and synthesize data collection in order to minimize the work involved with reporting to multiple agencies.

Reporting to these agencies has many benefits. Advertisers plan their spending strategies, investors determine their buy ratings, and the trade press reports on industry revenue growth based on these numbers.
OAAA receives hundreds of requests each year for revenue and ad spend data. The more accurate the revenue data is, the better OAAA can serve you and in turn, your clients to understand the media landscape, a category, a market, or simply how they stack up against their competitors.

Since the outdoor industry is diverse with many different display formats, it is crucial to include as much information as possible so that no industry segment is underreported. If your company is already reporting to these services we thank you for your continued support. If your company is not reporting to all of these services we urge you to begin reporting.

The reporting companies make it as simple as possible to report. You provide them with data and they will collate the data and sort it into the correct categories and market definitions.

Every month, Miller Kaplan collects revenue data for: bulletins, posters, digital billboards, street furniture, transit, alternative media, digital place-based and cinema. Miller Kaplan will email a revenue data request form and you’ll be asked to return the form to Miller Kaplan providing total revenue data for these segments. Miller Kaplan’s out of home auditor is Andrew Rosen who can be contacted at arosen@millerkaplan.com or (818) 769-2010 x1171. Please contact Andrew directly to begin monthly revenue reporting or if you have questions.

Kantar Media collects ad spend data monthly for all traditional media industries including, broadcast, print, and out of home. Specifically, Kantar Media collects information readily available in most contracts: market, month, product category (e.g., communications), advertiser (e.g., Verizon), brand (e.g., Verizon Wireless), and rate card value. Kantar’s ad spend coordinator is John Ciotoli who can be contacted at John.Ciotoli@kantarmedia.com or (212) 991-6087.

You can be certain that all information collected is held in complete confidence and is never shared with third parties. The information is compiled in aggregate. Your company’s individual revenue will never be reported publicly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (202) 833-5566 or write to me at sfreitas@oaaa.org.

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