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Company Spotlight: Poo Free Parks

Poo Free Parks

Finished making scatological jokes? Allow us to introduce you to Poo Free Parks’„¢, a Denver-based, privately-held company providing environmentally-responsible pet stations and services to local communities. Poo Free Parks’„¢ has created an advertising medium that allows brands to access high traffic public areas previously impervious to advertising: public parks and open spaces.

The ad format is a synergy of static signage, consumer take-away products, and mobile integration. The service, aimed at reducing harmful pet waste in parks and waterways with an environmentally- and socially-responsible approach, is delivered to local communities at no cost to municipalities or taxpayers. The eco-friendly program includes the installation, supply, and upkeep of pet waste bag dispensers made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum, filled with 100 percent biodegradable bags designed to naturally deteriorate within 18 months.

Founded in 2010 by Denver entrepreneur, Bill Airy, the Poo Free Parks’„¢ program is designed to help rid parks of pet waste by attacking the problem from two angles; through public education, and through the consistent and reliable supply of tools necessary to ‘€œdoo the right thing.’€

‘€œWe have started a movement to combat the issue of pet waste in our parks in an eco-friendly manner and helped to lower the budgetary burdens of our governmental agencies. Our program proves that doing business in an environmentally- and socially-responsible manner can be a win-win situation for all, while creating opportunities for corporate sponsors and the general public to align with important causes.’€

-Bill Airy, Founder & President, Poo Free Parks’„¢

Poo Free ParksEach dog waste dispenser station has multiple ways for brands to interact with park patrons. Static signage is mounted on the front and back of each station. Poo Free Parks’„¢ is running ad campaigns with QR codes printed on the static signage and can create a unique call to action for your brands. Additionally, the dog waste bags being dispensed can be printed with brand messaging in a variety of colors. Better still, for those of you who love bounce-back options, coupon dispensers are attached to each eco-friendly pet station, giving you an opportunity to distribute your specials in a setting free from competition and clutter. As if all of these unique benefits were not enough, Poo Free Parks’„¢ also has a mobile App that is available in the iTunes store and will soon be released in the Android Marketplace. The app can assist conscientious dog walkers in finding dispenser stations and deliver targeted advertising. The app also serves to address one of the biggest issues with alternative formats of advertising: proof-of-performance. The dog waste dispensers are maintained weekly by crews driving hybrid vehicles. The crews are armed with smartphones, monitor conditions of the signage and more importantly track the number of impressions created by monitoring and replenishing the bags being dispensed.

This start-up ad network proved their business model in their home market of Denver and has been expanding aggressively in 2011. Poo Free Parks’„¢ has secured advertising partnerships with national brands such as PETCO, who has over 1,000 retail locations in all 50 states, and Banfield Pet Hospitals, who has over 750 hospital locations throughout the US. Currently Poo Free Parks’„¢ is operational in 130 public parks in the Chicago and Denver DMA’s. All together that is foot traffic of 22,639 people per day and 8,263,235 annually.

They have already reached agreements to expand their footprint in the Colorado market by 20%. Their reach is also moving west having secured partnerships in the DMA’s of Los Angeles and Portland and are in talks with over 50 other major markets throughout the United States. Furthermore, Poo Free Parks is willing to work with its advertisers to secure signage opportunities in their target markets upon request.

Over the past nine months, over 50,000 pounds or 25 tons of pet waste has been collected by dog owners using biodegradable bags provided by Poo Free Parks’„¢ at participating parks. This all adds up to hundreds of thousands of people who want to ‘€œdoo the right thing,’€ and are using products advertised on by Poo Free Parks’ growing list of clients. Doo the right thing for your brand, visit the Poo Free Parks’„¢ media profile in the DOmedia Marketplace and see what Poo Free Parks’„¢ can do for you.


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