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14th Annual Indoor Billboard Advertising Conference Oct. 13-16, Las Vegas

Article By: Article by John Koenig, President, IBAA

Indoor Billboard Advertising AssociationThe Indoor Billboard Advertising Association is a proud parent of a teenager! Next month at the 14th Annual Indoor Billboard Advertising Conference, indoor advertising companies, sponsors and vendors will gather at the retro chic Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on October 13th-16th, 2011.

Like most 14 year olds, our teenager has been into ‘€œsocial media’€ years before his parents had awkwardly friended him on Facebook to keep tabs on his exploits.

Indoor Advertising is Social Media.

Some core members of Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) have been sending advertising messages during ‘€œsocial interaction’€ settings at bars, restaurants, nightclubs, health clubs, sports arenas and other venues for nearly three decades.

One type of indoor media, restroom advertising, captures the attention of the young and affluent 21-35 year old demographic*. Often referred to as non-traditional advertising, restroom advertising is widely recognized as an extremely targeted, well-received advertising medium.

IBAA members build businesses on the basic foundation that reaching a captive audience while they engage in social situations, in an uncluttered fashion, can amplify their client’s advertising message.

Unlike the opt-in model of web based social media (Facebook, Yelp, Four Square, Insert the Next Craze Here, etc), indoor advertising is drop-in media. Viewers drop-in on indoor advertising in a commercial setting in which they are actively involved with friends, comrades, co-workers, and Monday Night Football. They’ve made the decision to drop-in to a venue that suits their lifestyle, gender, or sports team preference, adding to the impact of the targeted message.

Sure, we’re a ‘€œplace-based out of home medium,’€ but we’ve also been leaders by utilizing our unique position of reaching the audience while they are eating, drinking, exercising or being entertained.

In addition, indoor advertising reaches consumers from an uncluttered, captive, eye-level vantage point, for example in the washrooms/restrooms, making it unavoidable – burning into the viewer’s retinas and magnifying the impact of the message.

If you combine the optimal social setting for advertising and the unavoidable nature of indoor, the takeaway from the message then becomes framed in the favorable light of the venue and the socializing in which it is placed.

Let’s face it, the audience is out having fun, and unless their football team is losing, they are in a positive social state of mind and more receptive to messaging.

While as a group, the IBAA has reached that teenage benchmark; some of our members have long been tech savvy pioneers, quantum leaps ahead of many out of home media options. We’ve been adding ancillary technology to our offerings for nearly a decade, utilizing QR codes, text messaging, blue tooth, and digital displays; as well as the more obvious brand extension ideas like branded coasters, napkins and glassware.

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In October, like the IBAA Conferences of the past, we’ll network, recreate, share ideas, and glean additional ‘€œgolden nuggets’€ of wisdom from speakers. We will also look at new ancillary aspects to our indoor offerings.

The IBAA invites your organization to become part of our Las Vegas event and we’re hungry to hear the next service or product that we can add to our mix. Whether you offer an ‘€œadd on’€ items, digital display ideas, mobile marketing services, inventory software (or the next Facebook), we’re excited by possibilities.

A few openings remain for attendees or sponsors on a first come basis and there is still time join us in Las Vegas.

Conference dates are Oct 13th-16th with a ‘€œWelcoming Reception on Thursday evening followed by meetings/presentations on Friday. Saturday events are for IBAA Indoor Firms and we welcome new members.

At the IBAA we’re already saying ‘€œWhat Happens in Vegas, Won’t Stay in Vegas’€ as we’re certain you’ll soon be seeing more new ideas in Indoor Advertising at a venue near you. Join us.


John Koenig

President, Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA)
Email: scoop@waterclosetmedia.com
Phone: 503-998-3465
For more on the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) visit: www.indooradvertising.org

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