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Emerging Media Categories Added to DOmedia

Emerging Media Categories on DOmedia

This week we released exciting new features to DOmedia which expands our marketplace to include emerging media categories!

We’ve added new categories in DOfind to help you find the latest advertising opportunities and next cool company for your ad campaign. Emerging media such as mobile and social advertising is rapidly converging with other media and advertisers have been demanding it. Use DOmedia to stay up to date on emerging media and find innovative media partners for your next ad campaign.

Have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, but not exactly how? We’ve added a Managed Services category with world-renowned experts in their fields.  These companies can help you with strategic planning, procurement, ad-placement, campaign optimization and post-campaign analysis services.

Check out the new categories & how they breakdown.

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Is Digital Place Based Media Part of Your Holiday Ad Strategy?

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6 New OOH Media Sellers in DOmedia Marketplace

We would like to welcome the following new out-of-home media sellers to the DOmedia Marketplace. These exciting companies offer numerous engaging, eye-catching media in the country’s top markets ranging from interactive digital place-based media in executive office buildings to high-impact wallscapes, billboards, posters, cinema advertising, street teams and digital mobile trucks.

An Exclusive Look Inside Q3 OOH Trends


Here is DOmedia’s latest trend report analyzing the activities of over 2700 media buyer/seller users in the DOmedia Marketplace. Find out what media buyers were searching for using DOfind, what media sellers were offering and what markets were attracting the most activity in the third quarter of 2011.


  • DOmedia’s user base now has over 1100 companies – split almost evenly among approved media selling and buying companies
  • Almost 1 in 3 media sellers have received an RFP during Q3. (If we start from the beginning of this year, that percentage jumps to 60%!)
  • Taking a look at the search results, the top DMAs searched were also the biggest cities. The greater the audience, the greater the impressions.
  • Roadside and outdoor urban settings have been the leading venues included in media searches. Alternative searches are not as dependent on venues as traditional searches.
  • Given its rising interest, it is not surprising the digital ad networks and digital billboards controlled the top of the category searches. It seems like these categories are going to stay on top for a while because of its growing popularity and impact.
  • “Digital,” the top keyword search of Q3, reinforces the growing adoption of digital formats in OOH media.

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