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5 Things We Loved at the ANA Brand Masters Conference

The ANA Brand Masters Conference is going on now in Hollywood, Florida. We thought we were excited for it to start, but we never expected it to be this much fun: robots, tequila and a splash of marketing. Here are a few of our favorite parts.

Watson got a new robot body

You know it’s a good time when Watson shows up. Jon Iwata of IBM brought along everyone’s favorite AI. Watson was channeled through Softbank’s (kinda adorable) little robot. Watson’s message? Marketing is getting smarter.

Procter & Gamble leads #LikeAGirl

At last year’s Super Bowl, when Procter & Gamble brought “the feels” with their #LikeAGirl spot? Marketers are still talking about it, and the buzz isn’t dying down anytime soon.

And it’s not just marketers. Consumers still love the campaign, which is why we’re glad P&G was kind enough to take us behind the scenes of the campaign’s planning process. They’re plan: don’t create a campaign, create a rallying cry.

Marketing disruption extends to the whole company

Jerri DeVard, CMO at ADT, brought his A-game today. He shared how the company integrates its marketing at every step and in every department. He hit these 4 big tips:

  1. Create and live your disruptive vision.
  2. Never stop listening to your customer.
  3. Earn the support of your team.
  4. Have the courage to look at things differently.

Patron tequila still has something to prove

Lee Applbaum of Patron Spirits talking tequila at 8:30 a.m. Where’s Roger Sterling when you need him?

Lee’s main message was one of authenticity. And, just like tequila at 8:30, the stats he tossed out might be a shock to your system:

At first glance, this seems crazy. Why in the world not? But Lee explained: paid media can spread a brand, but not reinforce authenticity. Great point about how sometimes the medium can speak just as loud as the message.

How great is this? If Patron can reach 70% market share with 130 people, you can do anything. #swagger

The view is as beautiful as you’d expect

Hollywood, Florida, ladies and gentlemen.

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