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Create Proposals Automagically with “Fill From Historical”

automagical - waynes world gifAre you repeatedly inputting the same information into the DOmedia proposal grid? You may be missing out on one of the most powerful features of DOmedia! Our “Fill from Historical Data” technology recalls 15 columns worth of information, pulled directly from the last time an asset was proposed. If you have never issued a contract for that asset, DOmedia pulls the information straight from the asset listing in your profile.

Aside from being automagically awesome, here are 3 reasons you should use “Fill from Historical Data”:

You won’t waste time inputting information that’s necessary for every proposal¬†(such as format, face and size). It makes the contracting process faster and saves you time!

Reduced error
Pulling data that has already been through the proposal process reduces user error. Every time you retype data you increase the chances that you will get something wrong. Don’t lose business because of a typo.

Work smarter, not harder
You’ve already done the work before. Now it’s time to let DOmedia work for you. This way, DOmedia gets more valuable the more you use it.

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