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Amazon: Priest and Imam – Top Holiday Ads

Wrapping up our holiday advertisement series is the recently created, but exceptionally popular commercial from Amazon featuring a priest and an imam. Though not directly a holiday commercial, the gift giving and loving spirit is in tune with the holidays, and the commercial premiered around the holiday season, landing it a deserving spot here in our series.

Amazon definitely went for the heartstrings in their most recent commercial, aiming for a message of unity and love. The commercial focuses on two old, and some may say unlikely, friends; a Christian priest and a Muslim imam. We get to see the two have a nice chat, while making it very obvious that they both have bad knees. The two buy each other a gift. It turns out that they happened to order each other the same knee braces from Amazon.

Amazon speaks out on a controversial subject in this advertisement, since religious tensions have been increasing in many parts of the world. However, the sentiment of love and friendship can easily be agreed upon, especially in the spirit of the holidays. Pointedly showing the similarities between the two obviously different men, Amazon makes the point that we all share the same human struggles.

Though longer than all of the previous commercials, the storyline behind the ad keeps the viewer interested. The amusing, heartfelt resolution is enough to bring tears to the eyes of some. The commercial went viral soon after its release. It has over 1 million views on Facebook and over a million and a half on YouTube. It even got media attention as several outlets reported on the ad, including CNN, Fortune and Huff Post.

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