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Notable Billboards

Over the next few months we’ll be running a series on billboards that managed to catch our attention in striking ways. Whether they trick our eyes, have fun interactive capabilities, or simply make our jaws drop, the marketing departments of these companies knocked it out of the park.

Image Sources: Ads of the World

Image Source: Ads of the World, Ads of the World

1- Anando: Milk Building

Getting kids to drink their milk can be a difficult task for parents. With all of the sugary, brightly-colored drinks and juices being advertised, plain ol’ milk can seem “boring.” Anando’s answer was to channel their inner-child and come up with this creative billboard. It shows the child pushing out part of the skyscraper. The ad channels the imagination of younger kids and hints at every kids’ dream of being a superhero. In this particular image, it blends so well with the sky that the illusion is almost perfect, definitely catching the attention of passersby.

2- Berger: Sky

This billboard, by the paint company Berger, is another great example of optical illusions in advertising. They made the corner of the billboard look like roller brush strokes, when in reality that corner of the billboard is simply missing. The matching hue of the roller is the finishing flourish to this interesting ad. We’re not quite sure how it would appear if it was cloudy or a different time of day, but it’ll definitely draw the eyes on a sunny day.

3- McDonald’s: Sundial

Putting an extremely creative spin on an ancient tool, McDonald’s promoted their breakfast menu with this sundial billboard. With the electric pole acting like a hand on a clock, it makes it way through choices like coffee, a cinnamon roll, and pancakes, not to mention McDonald’s classics. The simple but effective wordless design shows how you can kickstart your day with McDonald’s at any point.



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