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Happy 145th Birthday to the Bill Posters’ Association of North America

As outdoor advertising became more commercialized, the industry needed associations to advocate for its interests. This resulted in the founding the Bill Posters’ Association of North America in 1872. A few years later – out of the same necessity – the Associated Bill Posters’ Association of the US and Canada was formed in Chicago. That organization later changed its name to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, or OAAA. The OAAA helps its members keep up with government regulations, innovations in marketing and any other questions regarding out-of-home media.

Since it was founded, 126 years ago, the OAAA has introduced both the OBIE and Out of Home Media Plan Awards, advocated for the interests of advertisers, and encouraged positive government relations with the industry. Additionally, the OAAA helps to maintain traffic safety and develops public policy. 

As a whole, the OAAA works to make advertisers’ jobs a little easier, acting as the middleman between them and the government. They also provide advertisers with useful research to improve their campaigns, as well as regularly hosting several national conferences to keep members informed and ahead of the curve.

As proud OAAA members, we look back fondly on the founding of the Bill Posters’ Association of North America. Even though the Associated Bill Posters’ Association is the organization that  became OAAA, we have to raise our glass to the organization that started it all. Here’s to another happy 145 years of great outdoor advertising.


Speaking of celebrations, DOmedia celebrated the launch of our Supply-Side Platform at last year’s OAAA conference. You can learn more about this suite of tools for media vendors here.

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Destiny Jones

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