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New MRC Measurement Standards for DOOH

Last month, the Media Rating Council (along with the Digital Place Based Advertising Association) issued the Digital Place-Based Audience Measurement Standards, taking a step towards the unification and standardization of all marketing measurements. Generating DOOH audience data has been a continuous challenge for the industry. These new guidelines will help remedy this issue. The guidelines were generated with a heavy amount of input from media buyers and sellers, advertisers, and measurement services to ensure that they met the needs of all sides of the industry.

The MRC states that these guidelines are phase one of a two-phase initiative. The goal of phase two is ultimately to produce “a common core of metrics that can be applied across the full expanse of out-of-home media.” Working on unifying these standards is essential to the growth and improvement of the OOH industry. Advertisers will be able to more clearly answer important questions such as how effective their campaigns are, what audiences they are reaching, and when they are reaching them.

The MRC expects these standards to change and evolve as improvements are made and the industry itself continues to change. The goal of reaching unified measurements across OOH that can compare to measurements of other forms of media is a daunting task. But the MRC and DPAA, as well as other leading groups such as Geopath, have worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles in the digital OOH sector.

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Destiny Jones

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