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OAAA/Geopath National Convention & Expo

Today through Wednesday, OAAA and Geopath will be hosting their National Convention and Expo. This year the theme is LookOut and is being held in New Orleans. In addition to an agenda of workshops and networking opportunities, the 75th annual OBIE awards will be held as part of the conference.

oaaaAttendees will have the opportunity to learn how creativity and data combine to make OOH campaigns relevant, how innovative technology is improving connectivity, and how Geopath is working to improve measurement to provide better insights. Speakers include Nancy Fletcher and Kym Frank, Presidents and CEOs of OAAA and Geopath respectively, Rob Dembitz, Global Head of Innovation at Cannes Lions, Joel Sartore a photographer for National Geographic, and Dawn Hudson, CMO of the NFL.geopath

Day two includes breakfast lunch and a dinner at the OBIE awards. The OBIEs and its after party wrap up day two of the conference.

Both the OAAA and Geopath work to help advertisers achieve success. The OAAA helps promote the interests of the OOH industry as well as ensuring that the material being produced by advertisers meets the standards and quality expected within the industry. Geopath works to help the industry gather metrics and insights through data. By continuously refining the processes and standards for audience measurement, Geopath is helping fill an important gap in the OOH industry.

DOmedia is a sponsor of this year’s convention. At last year’s OAAA/Geopath convention, DOmedia launched their cutting edge SSP for OOH media. This year attendees can expect more big product announcements. You can find DOmedia in the exhibit hall.

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