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Notable Billboards- Part 5

For part five of our Notable Billboards series, we have creative campaigns from Orphea, Penline, and the Colorado State Patrol.

1- Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision

This public service announcement earns attention with its unusual formatting. The billboard aims to warn against tailgating, especially behind large trucks. The crumpling of the billboard at the point of impact mimics the damage to the car that rear ended the truck and draws attention.

2- Penline: Strong Tape

Penline found a creative way to emphasize the strength of their tape. By making it appear that their duct tape is holding up the billboard, the brand testifies to its own quality. The simplicity catches the eye and the creativity conveys the message.

3- Orphea: Bug Spray

The brand Orphea installed a billboard in Milan that creatively advertised their outdoor bug spray. By covering part of the board with a sticky jet spray, the ad collected thousands of bugs over a few days. Gross, but excellent advertising as it turned heads and effectively promoted the product. See the board in action below, and check out our past Notable Billboards here.

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