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What Does Reach Mean in Advertising?

PlzReachVertThe concept of reach is simple, but there are certainly elements of it that are easy to confuse or misunderstand. This post will attempt to give you a concrete understanding of this important advertising concept by providing a solid definition of the word, as well as defining similar words and concepts that are often associated with reach.

The definition of reach is as follows:

REACH: the total number of people in a target audience’s population that are exposed to an advertisement and notice it at least once during a set period of time.

Reach can be stated as a defined figure (such as 25,000 individuals), but is often expressed as a percentage of households reached in a target area, or among a target audience’s population.

For new brands and products, reach should be an incredibly high priority. High reach allows companies to get their name and products into more consumers’ minds as they attempt to gain market share. Additionally, brands and products that are nearing the end of their useful life should attempt to achieve high reach, as they are in similar need of quality exposure among target audiences.

In addition to describing reach, it may also be beneficial to define a variety of words with similar (but different) meanings. A few of these terms and a brief description of each are listed below:

FREQUENCY: The number of times the average individual sees a particular advertising stimulus

EXPOSURE: The number of people that see, or visually receive an advertising message

Hopefully, this post has equipped you with an understanding of these concepts that will allow you to go forth and “reach” your full OOH advertising potential.

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