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Release Notes – 2/5: Digital Slots and More

Today, we’re proud to announce another round of improvements to our industry-leading software. Take a look at all the cool new enhancements below.

Digital Slots

Before Digital Slots, media sellers had to manually pick which slot they wished to propose and contract. This was time-consuming, and not how sellers think of their boards (ie. 102A2 vs 102A). Sellers want to propose the board number and have the system pick the slot.
With Digital Slots, the seller can propose at the board level. Just type in 102A, and when it comes time to contract and chart, the system will determine which slots will cover the total time frame of the campaign.


Table Filtering

We now allow column filtering wherever you see a grid in DOmedia. Whether you’re evaluating vendor proposals or revising contracts, you can now filter your data just like you can in Excel.

Screen Shot 2018-01-ffff29 at 8.31.41 PM

Expand contract grid to full screen

We now allow the inventory information grid on contracts to be expanded to full screen to make creating contracts more manageable.

blurry picture



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