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“Declining Revenue” vs “Declining Business”

Your business has probably lost revenue in 2020. But, lost revenue today is just the beginning of the shake-ups businesses are facing, as firms increasingly fall into two groups:

  • Group 1: The Innovators
    • These firms are transitioning from working “in” their business to working “on” their business. Their leaders are shifting work-hours previously dedicated to operations into innovation, technology training and performance improvements. These businesses will emerge from this crisis stronger than they ever were, and dramatically more effective and agile than…
  • Group 2: The Insulators
    • The businesses that are looking to cut capacity in line with declining revenue. At best, these firms will lose hard-earned marketshare and be hobbled by our current crisis. At worst, these firms will be so outpaced by The Innovators, that they have already entered a decline from which they’ll never recover.

The good news is, there is still time to decide where your business will be when normalcy eventually returns. Every day, we’re working with agencies and vendors that have recognized this as a pivotal moment to invest in their businesses. 

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If you aren’t sure how our cloud-based media planning and buying tools can help your media team become more agile and effective, here are a few reasons agencies like Kinetic, Publicis, Novus and Harmelin have chosen DOmedia:

  • Online access to 1,400 media vendors and 1M+ assets
  • One unified system for planning, buying, trafficking and contracting.
  • Easily share data with teams and managers.
  • All RFP & contract data documented and saved in the cloud.
  • Productivity reports for managers looking track remote users. 

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