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Interactive Out-of-Home Advertising

Interactive experiences have always been a novelty—from build-your-own adventure books to improv theater, and, more recently, experiences like escape rooms and even interactive Netflix series’ have been on the rise. 

The OOH (out-of-home) industry has also decided to jump in on the interactive trend, and multiple campaigns have sparked globally in the past few years that prompt the ads’ viewers to participate, with calls to action ranging from scanning QR codes that lead to real-time interaction to motion-activated digital displays to physical, touchable posters to interactive digital screens. 

Interactive OOH is cool and innovative for a few reasons, one of which being that these ads are more engaging than most standard ads. Often placed in walkable areas and cities, they provide quite a bit of read time for passersby; since these passersby are on foot or in slow traffic, they’re given the opportunity to interact, and typically have the time to do so. 

For example, these motion-activated digital displays are a great example of getting people to stop in their tracks: the street-side placement plus the eye-catching digital screens are perfect for grabbing attention.  

Additionally, interactive ad experiences are sure to be the talk of the town, and stick in the brains of both those who participated in the ad’s engagement and those who just passed by. As a general rule, memorable ads—design, imagery, taglines. etc.—make for effective advertising; what better way to make a statement and a memory than getting potential customers to participate in your ad campaign? 

Plus, some of these participants are sure to continue about their days, and mention it to their friends and family as a unique experience they had that day, especially if its an ad they walk by regularly on their commute. 

TL;DR: interactive ads are hot in the OOH industry, and for good reason—they’re memorable and engaging, and we hope to see more innovative ads pop up in the future. 

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