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3 Political Ad Buying Strategies That Win Elections


Political advertising buys are focused on the measurables: Nielsen viewership reports, radio ad plays, voter households dialed, mailers delivered and, above all, polling and voting results.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising (billboards, street furniture, digital place-based media, cinema, street teams, etc.) has become increasingly measurable, is able to reach a hyper targeted demographic and is an effective compliment to tv, print, radio and mobile political campaigns.

Here are 3 Political Ad Buying Strategies
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What OOH Media Experts Were Searching for in Q4 2011

Here is DOmedia’s latest trend report analyzing the activities of over 3000 media buyer/seller users in the DOmedia Marketplace. Find out what media buyers were searching for using DOfind, what media sellers were offering and what markets were attracting the most activity in the fourth quarter of 2011.