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Most Recent Mobile Billboard Comes in a Much Smaller, Furrier Package

For many, last weekend marked the most romantic day of the year’€”Valentine’s Day.  For others, however, the weekend of Friday the 13th held a day surrounded by superstition and fear’€”F.E.A.R. 2 to be exact.

‘€œF.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin,’€ the newest computer game from Warner Bros. with a horror theme, launched its new London promotion on Friday the 13th using the very symbol for bad luck’€”black cats.  While most people avoid black cats crossing their paths, it was nearly impossible in the streets of London on the day known for its superstition.  The little feline billboards were dressed in miniature clothing adorned with advertising for the game and then set loose to wreak havoc through the city.  And according to Charlene Allen, a Warner Bros. spokesperson, Brits actually seek out signs of bad luck on Friday the 13th, making the promotion that much more effective.


The ‘€œF.E.A.R.’€ kitty clothes were being sold through Warner Bros. for fashionable cats across the country, but have unfortunately sold out.

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