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2009 AAAA Media Conference & Tradeshow: Now Comes the Fun Part!


It’s that time of year again: media savants from around the country come together for the 4A’s conference and tradeshow.  This year, the conference’€”which will be held in New Orleans from March 4-6’€”is focused around today’s most challenging aspect of the media landscape: the consumer.

And the best part of it all: DOmedia is joining the fun and bringing with us a little excitement of our own!  Introducing the DOmedia game, where attendees can win amazing prizes like 8G iPod Touches and iPod Shuffles just by stopping by the booth!  Your mission: to collect as many game pieces as possible and drop them in the prize bowl in the DOmedia booth (Booth number 709, 711) by 6:30 on Thursday.

Attendees can collect tickets by:

Opening their mail!  Many conference attendees received an official DOmedia travel wallet in the mail, complete with the first game piece.

Spotting the DOmedia rep in the Hilton Riverside conference area between 2:00 and 4:00 PM on Wednesday.

Simply visiting the booth and taking the DOmedia website for a test drive’€”Good for 3 tickets!

Picking up a DOmedia button at our booth and wearing it throughout the show’€”We’ll randomly select button-wearers and reward them with another game piece!

Following us on Twitter (@domedia) when we announce even MORE ways to win!

Winning numbers will be announced on Thursday at 6:45 via Twitter and in our booth.  Just stop by before 7:00 PM to claim your prize!

What DO you have to lose?

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