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Screenfeed Top US News-in-Pictures Channel

Screenfeed Top US News-in-Pictures Channel

About the Top US News Channel
There is a world of exceptional photography created everyday and our US Top News channel broadcasts the latest news of the day in beautiful HD photos with a brief story told in a headline. The Top US News channel is updated throughout the day, everyday to supply fresh, interesting news that attracts attention to your screen.

About News-in-Pictures Channels
The goal of any digital signage content is to attract attention to your screens. Our News-in-Pictures channels feature high resolution photos of celebrities, sports heros, well-known places and events people recognize. The photos catch viewers attention and the brief headline keeps their attention.

Stories display for 15 seconds and fit exceptionally well into any playlist as you can choose to display just a few stories in a 30-second span ‘€“ then quickly rotate to promotions; or display continuosly all day in a dedicated zone as it will automatically connect and load the most recent news throughout the day.

Our content channels are managed by channel editors who create a caption that tells a brief story, not just a headline. Each photo is manually cropped to display well in 16:9 or 4:3 sizes.

For more information visit www.Screenfeed.com

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