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The Smarter Way to Advertise at the 2012 National Conventions

[Ed. note: Don’t you want to reach these people?]

Two of the biggest opportunities for brand exposure on the political agenda this year are the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in August and September, respectively. This is a high stakes, high reward time for both politicians and brands to reach a powerful demographic.

Political advertising buys are focused on the measurables; Neilsen viewership reports, radio ad plays, voter households dialed, mailers delivered and above all polling and voting results. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has become increasingly measurable, is able to reach a hyper targeted demographic and is an effective compliment to tv, print, radio and mobile campaigns.

Financial Times National Convention Advertising

Your brand can penetrate the media haze

The Financial Times wants your brand to be the first thing convention attendees see in the morning when they open the door to their hotel room, greet them in the lobby and welcome them to the convention site. Advertisers can sponsor the Financial Times paper that is delivered to rooms and placed in the lobbies of the convention centers, hotels and resorts hosting the attendees. Thousands of white signs with block red and blue letters will litter the crowd.

Stand out and deliver your brand on the Newspaper read by the President:


“I read the Financial Times before other people read the Financial Times. Now it’s trendy and everybody carries around a Financial Times.”

– From an FT interview with President Obama

Advertising Opportunities at the Conventions

Here are the details of the two conventions and their Financial Times advertising opportunities:


2012 Republican National Convention Advertising (more info)

Aug 27-30, 2012
St. Pete Times Forum and the Tampa Convention Center

As 2012 Republican National Convention draws near, 40,000 visitors are expected to come to the Tampa Bay area for the event, including delegates, alternate delegates, members of media and other guests.

  • Audience: 40,000+ visitors and attendees expected
  • Opportunity:┬áBrand papers going to the convention center and forum, plus the top hotels.
  • Branding: Stickers with an insert
  • Distribution: 4 days of distribution to the 40 preferred hotels
  • Total Papers: Estimating 3,500 copies per day | 14000 copies total


2012 Democratic National Convention Advertising (more info)

Sep 3-6, 2012
Charlotte, North Carolina

President Obama will close out the 2012 Democratic National Convention with an acceptance speech at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The open-air venue seats more that 73,000!

  • Audience: 35,000+ attendees expected, 15,000+ media people
  • Opportunity: Brand papers going to the convention center, plus the top hotels.
  • Branding: Stickers with an insert
  • Distribution: 3 days of distribution to the 40 preferred hotels and convention itself
  • Total Papers: Estimating 4,000 copies per day | 12,000 copies total


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