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Planning OOH Campaigns with Relevance

It’s that time of year again’€”Vacation time! Everyone is taking time off and planning trips, but planning season for ad campaigns is right around the corner. The whole planning and buying process can be exhausting. It’s rush, rush, rush and so much to do! But DOmedia can make the process much less daunting and time-consuming, whether you are planning for football season or holiday season.

Relevant Medium

Keeping up with what’s out there can in itself be a huge undertaking! Which new products are out there? Which companies have emerged? Who do I contact? Where is it available? The list goes on’€¦

Using the DOfind tool to start a campaign can answer many of your questions with the click of a few buttons and check boxes. Use the tool to help you plan the perfect campaign for your demographic target or a certain type of consumer. Use our demographics tool to choose your targeted consumer.

Relevant Timing

Sometimes, timing is everything. Use our venue selection to target when the message will have the most relevance. Are you trying to reach travelers while at the airport or families when they are at the beach? How about college students at a football game? Mothers at the mall are buying for back to school.  You can easily find the companies and products that will help you put together a successful campaign.

Relevant Execution

Buyers can go to the DOmedia site and search through our case studies and company support files to find information on successful campaigns. Search through our Product Spotlights in our newsletter archive to find many ideas on how to reach consumers when they are in the perfect mindset.

Use new technology to really make your message stand out. Go to our Technology Spotlight under the Industry Information section and find the newest most innovative creative technologies being used. If you wanted to try a mobile or social aspect to your campaign, you can find the companies that can help implement a great campaign for you.

Relevant Tools and Services

There are lots of resources to help ensure your campaign is effective. Looking for printing services, research companies, media auditing companies or promotional items? You can find and include these companies in your RFP if you would like an initial quote for their services.

Relevant RFPs and Proposals

The DOmedia RFP tool saves time on the mundane planning tasks so you can focus on your customer/supplier relationship. Using the DOfind tool, you can choose the markets, products and target audience to return the best search for you. From there you can filter out the information that you don’t want and select the companies that make the most sense for the campaign. Sending an RFP to ten companies doesn’t take any more time than sending one RFP. The media companies save time from playing phone tag because all of the pertinent information is required in the RFP Project Brief.

Relevant Templates

Another way to really save time is to create and save templates for seasons, events or client types. This way you can edit and send a template that you have already created. Create templates for football season, back to school or holiday season. Templates by client type would be great to use for liquor clients and other restricted categories or clients who tend to have store openings.

Relevant Profiles

If you are a media company with product profiles, make sure that your information is updated and included. The more information you include, the more educated the buyer will be about your products and services. Make sure that your images are current and all of your offerings are included. If you need help uploading your information, then call your account representative at DOmedia or contact client services.

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