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Accelerated OOH Platform Growth on DOmedia

New age of automated media buying is upon us

Strength of DOmedia Platform in OOH

Since the launch of our RFP application in 2011, the DOmedia platform for buying and selling OOH (Out-of-Home) Media has grown significantly in total number of professional users and companies doing business on the platform. By the end of 2016, we expect that over 8,000 professionals across 5,000 businesses in the US alone will be active on DOmedia.


Digital Inventory and Automation Trends

As OOH media inventory continues move from static to more digital, both buyers and sellers are adapting to a more flexible environment. A new way of doing business has also emerged. We are now in the age of automation, as brand clients require more transparency and better analytics to justify ROI. Phone calls and emails are still helpful but not a necessary means of communication for processing large amounts of media buy data. Business processes must continue to advance to meet this demand for effective and efficient campaigns.

Rapid Increase in RFP’s and Proposals Online

As client behavior meets this growing demand for digital automation, we anticipate a rapid increase in OOH media buys transacting online. By the end of 2016, an expected total of 10,000 RFP’s will have been sent from buyers and a total of 50,000 proposals uploaded from sellers. An incredible amount of market intelligence is being gathered and will only allow our clients to create better campaigns much faster, saving valuable time while increasing overall revenue and profits.


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