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Things We Loved at the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit

image11. Paul Lindstrom announces “agnostic” buying tools from Nielsen

Barry Frey, President and CEO at the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, kicked off the summit with some incredible facts, including the news that DPAA is looking to develop programmatic tools for the industry. One of the best moments of the conference introduction, however, came during the Q&A section. Paul Lindstrom, SVP of Custom Research at Nielsen, told the crowd something they knew very well, “brands want to buy video ‘agnostically,’” and followed it up with some very welcome news – Nielsen is developing a data set for cross-platform and cross-network buying. It was a great announcement for the data-hungry industry.

2. Rishad Tobaccowala says network outdoor will be only “mass media”

Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategist of the Publicis Groupe, had enough quotable moments at the Video Everywhere Summit to fill this entire post. But, one prediction was particularly interesting to the DOmedia team. As as digital and traditional media continue to fragment, network outdoor media will soon be the only guaranteed way to broadcast a unified message to large swathes of the population. It was a straightforward deduction, but it set off so many lightbulbs that DPAA organizers actually had to dim the lights in the Broadway Ballroom.

3. Stuart Elliott Reminds Us that Marketing is About Listening

Veteran advertising reporter Stuart Elliott took the future-focused summit back to basics with a reminder that listening to customers is the key to successful marketing. Elliott recounted the recent tribulations of McDonald’s, two years of declining same-store sales, and then highlighted the “insight” that turned the fast-food giant around in late-2015. They gave customers the thing they ask for at 10:31 AM every day at every McDonald’s in America – breakfast.

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