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5 Things We Loved at the ANA Brand Masters Conference


The ANA Brand Masters Conference is going on now in Hollywood, Florida. We thought we were excited for it to start, but we never expected it to be this much fun: robots, tequila and a splash of marketing. Here are a few of our favorite parts.

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6 Things We’re Looking Forward To at the ANA Brand Masters Conference

ANA Brand Masters Conference

If you’re familiar with the Association of National Advertisers, you probably know about their fall “Masters of Marketing” Conference. We’re possibly more excited for the Brand Masters Conference, if only for this description: “a special intimate wintertime companion to the Masters of Marketing.” That’s a companion to the conference, not the masters themselves (we think.)

If you’re not familiar, the ANA represents and advocates for marketing organizations and brands of all kinds, B2B and B2C through thought leadership, education, publications and some pretty great conferences. The Brand Masters Conference brings together some of the greatest minds in marketing today. Speakers include pros from American Family Insurance to Procter & Gamble to Patrón Spirits.

Everybody has something to gain from the events and speakers. Here are a few we’re super pumped for.

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Ad Vets Find Their Niche Helping Brands Market to Military Consumers

Rosemary O’Brien and Bill Cunningham, co-founders of Military Marketing LLC, have more than 50 combined years of experience working on Madison Avenue and nationally for some of the biggest brands in the world.  O’Brien, a former EVP at Young & Rubicam, first met Bill while they were working as military marketing specialists at AT&T.  On top of being world-class marketing professionals, Rosemary and Bill are ardent and active supporters of US military-men and women on a personal level.  Cunningham has even gone as far as serving as Vice President of the Navy League of Philadelphia, and graciously allowing his daughter to marry a Navy F-18 pilot!

Posters from Military MarketingFor the last 10 years, they have aligned their passion for the military with their skills and experience as marketers to establish one of the leading military marketing agencies in the U.S.  They provide strategic counsel as well as on-base media and marketing such as static posters and banners, digital place-based ads in on-base bowling alleys and cinemas, and custom event development.

Rosemary and Bill are the first to point out that “military consumers” are a huge, yet under-reached, audience for advertisers.  If you add up all active duty personnel, their families, national guards-men and reservists, and retirees, the military community constitutes almost 8 million consumers.

Some marketers have taken notice – perhaps due to the fact that soldiers have high levels of disposable income and large ability to spend on gear & electronics, cars & trucks, travel & entertainment, and the needs of growing families. However, other marketers are daunted by the red-tape and unfamiliarity of working with the Department of Defense and navigating “base-culture.”  Enter Rosemary and Bill!

Military Marketing AudienceNot only do they have experience working with all bases and branches, they have relationships with key military players and a keen understanding of the culture, regulations, and operational issues.  This combination of experience, relationships, and passion for marketing and for the military has allowed Rosemary and Bill to carve out their niche in the media landscape.

If you’d like to learn more about Military Marketing, please visit their company profile or reach out to them directly at:

Rosemary O’Brien

Bill Cunningham

OOH Innovation at 2013 Ignite OAAA/TAB Conference

Last week, like many of you, I attended the 2013 Ignite OAAA/TAB Conference in Los Angeles. I probably saw some of you at the tradeshow, workshops, general sessions or receptions. The conference was very well attended, in fact one of the best attended in recent years, and there was a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm about the direction the OOH advertising industry is moving.

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A Halloween Serving of OOH Advertising

Trick or treat?!

Like most people in the fall, our users often get a sweet tooth around the Halloween holiday… Some have a sweet tooth for out-of-home (OOH) media in the advertising industry.

Give into your cravings while you check out a healthy alternative to Halloween candy on DOmedia.  Composed of 700+ media sellers, DOmedia has the largest database of media sellers in the OOH industry.

Want to take a bite of the OOH advertising industry in your next media buy? See the “nutritional facts” of OOH media categories you may choose from in your next search on DOmedia.

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