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Summary of 2011 Global Advertising Expenditure Forecast by ZenithOptimedia

ZenithOptimedia has revised its global advertising expenditure forecast for 2011. Below is a quick summary of stats outlined by Stephen McCluskey in a recent MediaPost article.

How do you feel the predictions will match up to actual spend at the end of 2011? Leave your response in the comments section below.

Summary of 2011 Global Advertising Expenditure Forecast by ZenithOptimedia:

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McDonald’s Executes Interactive Digital Billboard Campaign

This is a simple yet impactful way to execute an interactive digital billboard campaign. McDonald’s launched a campaign called Pick n’ Play that lets viewers play Pong, the classic video game, on a large digital screen in Stockholm, Sweden. Players who last at least 30 seconds are rewarded with free food at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant.

What’s interesting about this execution is its simplicity and the fact that users do not need to download an application. Smart phone users can simply go to the site’s URL and confirm that they are within the playing area using the phone’s geolocation technology.

The campaign has also been bouncing around the blogosphere and even picked up in Mashable.

Simple. Rewarding. Classic – like the Big Mac.

OAAA: 7% Increase in Out of Home Advertising in Q3

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) released figures showing a 7% increase in revenue in Q3 2010 (vs. Q3 2009) for the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry. Year to date, OOH advertising revenues are up 3.3% over 2009. The media and financial segments helped drive the increase, with the financial institutions reporting a one third increase in spending over the same period in 2009.

Although unspecified in this release by the OAAA, the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) category would seemingly be the fastest growing category in OOH. According to PQ Media data released on November 15th, the U.S. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media category, which includes digital place-based networks, billboards and signage (including cinema), grew 14.9% in the first half of 2010.

Large advertisers and agencies are recognizing the cost effectiveness, reach, and impact of Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-Home Advertising. Garry McGuire, CEO of RMG Networks, believes the DOOH industry will reach a tipping point in 2011. Exciting times for both media buyers and sellers in the industry. If in fact the DOOH media category is reaching a tipping point, expect that the biggest beneficiaries will be those who support & adhere to industry standards, are transparent in their reporting, and provide a truly valuable advertising medium. DOmedia is working to promote the industry by creating a marketplace built on industry standards to simplify the process of buying and selling OOH media.

2010 AdAge Marketer of the Year’s Key Success Factors (Ford)

Today Advertising Age named Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) the 2010 Marketer of the Year. Citing its drive towards profitability in one of the worst economic crisis in current history, Ford certainly deserves the trophy.

Below are the highlights of Ford’s success:

  • $4.7 billion profit first two quarters 2010
  • 17% U.S. Auto & Light-Truck Market Share 2010 YTD
  • U.S. yearly sales ‘†‘ 17% through August (doubling industry-wide gain of 8.4%)
  • 55% more likely to buy Ford due to refusal of TARP funds (Rasmussen Reports survey)

The appointment of the company’s first global leader of marketing, sales & service, Jim Farley, is certainly one reason for the company’s turnaround. Additional factors include:

  • One Ford – internal & external focus on a single brand
  • Marketing focused on the product – not Henry Ford
  • An internal bottom-up creativity culture shift
  • Merging the Advertising & PR departments
  • The Train Model – tapping the best agency talent inside/outside WPP

It seems betting the company on the refusal of TARP funds in 2008 paid off for the auto giant with a once in a lifetime PR boost and an environment poised for a major cultural & marketing shift.

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Source: Advertising Age, 2010

DO the Math: Reach Sports Fans This Football Season

What % of Adults Regularly Follow Their City's Team?

For advertisers looking to reach the football audience this season, here are some of the cities with the highest number of football fans who are loyal to their city’s team. Overall, 61.2% of US adults regularly follow a professional football team, 56.5% of which are males and 43.5% of which are females. Professional football fans are also affluent’€”38% earn more than $75,000 in HHI, and 24% earn more than $150,000 in HHI.

You can reach this captive audience using a DOmedia’s targeted search tools which give you the power to select top DMAs and filter results by specific categories and venues.

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Source: “The Media Audit Sports Report” – 2010