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Looking Forward to 2013

Kim RamserAnother year comes, and I find myself wondering where the time goes! In welcoming 2013, I started reminiscing about the last ten years. It is amazing how far this industry has come since 2003, when I was working at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) in DC. Change is usually slow in the outdoor advertising industry. However, looking at the last 10 years, we have made a lot of progress. The challenges we have overcome and advancements made in the industry are enormous when you think about it.

Audience Measurement

Audience measurement for out of home has really evolved. No longer do we depend on traffic numbers and Daily Effective Circulation (DEC). We went through a lot of pains and trials to make progress in this area. Arbitron planned to develop a measurement standard introducing the demographics information to the measurement. Using travel diaries in Atlanta, Arbitron hoped to bring the measurement philosophy from radio to outdoor. Next, came Nielsen with a similar idea, but they used GPS technology to track consumers in Chicago. The industry was optimist about both possibilities but nothing came of them. Moving ahead to 2013, we have an audience measurement system from the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB), called TAB OOH Ratings. Not only does it bring the industry to a new level, but has started to get agency adoption.

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What Four Years Has Taught Us: The OOH Industry Doesn’t Need an Expert Tool

When we introduced DOmedia at the OAAA Star Showcase in the fall of 2008, we thought we had a brilliant idea. Thanks to industry feedback, our technology and business model have evolved from an expert tool to a tool for experts! Together we have grown over 300% and we are still the world’s largest OOH media marketplace. Thank you for all the support and feedback that helped us reach this point. DOmedia remains committed to adding value and growing the OOH market by providing incremental business opportunities and working towards an industry-supported path to standardization.

700+ media sellers have posted their assets in the DOmedia marketplace. On the other side of the marketplace, 1,000+ media buyers have used the DOmedia platform to execute 20,000+ plans and searches in the past 12 months. OOH needs tools that integrate with industry relevant data sets. The most efficient way for those integrations to be used by buyers and sellers to create value is to have them hosted on a centralized data resource. A centralized resource will provide seamless end-to-end workflow that will help the industry leap forward and gain a greater percentage of the overall advertising spend. Our strategic partnerships with TelmarNEC, and our participation in industry associations (OAAA, TAB, DPAA, IAB) reaffirm our belief in system integrations. Feedback from those two groups and DOmedia users informs our internal tech development processes and ensures we are building an industry-vetted solution.

DOmedia Vision for OOH

Your feedback has challenged us to address how our technology meets industry needs:

  • Improved search, discovery and planning – Our dynamic search tool is self-directed and can be used at any stage of the RFP process. Media sellers can be found by format, audience measurement type and demographics. Search results can be further filtered by geographic parameters and displayed with data visualization tools.
  • Standardization of the RFP process – We have taken the incremental steps towards standardizing buyer RFP templates and media proposals. Standardized templates allow OOH to be planned and bought on a larger scale similar to other media, which saves significant time for the buyer and seller by removing RFP redundancies.
  • Telmar Integration ‘€“ For the first time, Telmar’s TOPS plans with TAB OOH Ratings data will be able to be converted into an RFP with a single click. The most trusted OOH media measurement is now seamlessly incorporated into the most widely used RFP tool.

With your continued participation in our development efforts, we will increase demand by providing a more compelling value proposition of OOH media’s capabilities. We will keep improving RFP workflow and simplifying the access to data that better informs buyers, planners, and ultimately the brand client. From the use of our technology we are producing meaningful reports that benefit all industry participants.

We welcome and encourage you to share your thoughts on furthering the evolution of DOmedia’s vision for OOH. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to add value for you and your company. You are the industry experts and we are here to help you grow!

Change is Inevitable: Industry Repositioning & New DOmedia Features

‘€œChange is inevitable – except from a vending machine.’€

– Robert C. Gallagher

Many changes happen this time of year – the weather gets warmer, flowers bloom, people start their outdoor activities, and baseball begins. The OOH industry is changing constantly, and so is DOmedia.

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How to Use DOmedia to Find & Buy Out of Home Advertising

Check out the video to learn how to use DOmedia to find and buy out of home advertising using our powerful media search tool. Never has it been this easy to find media products by market, category, venue and target audience. With over 600 media companies, you’ll be sure to find the right vendor for your media campaign on DOmedia.

DOmedia is free for agencies. Use our powerful media search for free.

Request a custom demo of the tools we’ve built for Agencies and see how DOmedia will transform the way you find and buy out of home media.

New Features for Expert Media Buyers on DOmedia

We’ve added several awesome new features that will change the way you find & buy media on DOmedia. See below for details on the new Company ProfileInteractive Mapping, updates to Search Results & our Online Support forum.

If you have any feedback, please let us know:


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