The Cost of Billboards


This week, the BillboardsIn blog discusses the factors influencing the cost of billboards. They talk about how location, size and visibility affect billboard pricing.

The location of a billboard determines who sees the advertisement and how many people pass by. The price to rent a billboard in Times Square greatly differs from a billboard in rural Indiana.

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Where Can Billboards Be Placed?



This week, the BillboardsIn blog took a look at where billboards can and cannot be placed. They discuss zoning laws and the Highway Beautification Act.

Under the Highway Beautification Act, billboards need to be at least 660 feet from a major highway and must be at least 1500 feet from the next highway billboard and 500 feet from the nearest street billboard.

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Who Prints Billboards?



This week, the BillboardsIn blog answers the question “who prints billboards?” They discuss the materials needed along with the printing process.

Once the design for a billboard is finalized, it can be printed at full scale. Billboards can be printed using offset lithography. This method uses a metal printing plate which contains the image of the billboard. Templates for each ink type, cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) must be prepared.

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Who Designs Billboards?



The week, the BillboardsIn blog talk about who designs billboards. They look into what it takes to design a captivating advertisement and how to find the target audience.

What does the company want to be conveyed to their audience? What is the goal of the billboard? These are the questions the designer is focused on as they begin to create the billboard.

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Is Marijuana Advertising Going Mainstream?


Our CEO, Ken Sahlin, was recently published in MediaPost. In “Is Marijuana Advertising Going Mainstream?” he discusses his views on Constellation Brands Inc. investing nearly $4 billion into Canadian marijuana grower Canopy Growth Corporation last month. What does this mean for the OOH industry? Is it a sign that marijuana advertising is about to move from the back streets to Main Street? According to Ken:

“OOH is particularly well suited to weed, since it is locally regulated, great for activation and building awareness, and low cost when compared to other advertising options. Just look at MedMen. It spent $2 million on a campaign — largely featuring outdoor ads — in an attempt to de-stigmatize marijuana use. The campaign received national news coverage. But, beyond de-stigmatizing marijuana users, the campaign also helped bring marijuana advertising into the mainstream.

“The real question is how outdoor advertising vendors will respond. Marijuana does carry a certain stigma, and some vendors are reluctant to allow marijuana advertising. However, the latest data from Pew Research Center states that almost six in 10 Americans support marijuana legalization. That is almost double the rate of legalization support back in 2000, signaling that public opinion of marijuana is slowly headed in a more positive direction. In practice, there doesn’t appear to be much push-back so far. Billboardsin, a large online outdoor advertising marketplace, has successfully placed ads for five marijuana-based businesses in three months with zero rejections.”

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