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Morphing Advertising and Faces All at Once

Once again, Inwindow Outdoor proves successful at combining advertising and advanced technology to create a buzz-worthy campaign. DailyDOOH and TechNews Daily did a great job of highlighting the advertising efforts marking the release of the hit movie, Avatar. Inwindow Outdoor created a 60′ by 10′ structure that includes three ‘€˜morphing stations’ and one large-scale video wall framed with vinyl and branded in Avatar themes. The display, located at The Grove in Los Angeles, attracts audience members to the screen, recognizes facial features and then transforms their face into a famous, blue Avatar creature, the Na’vi. After their transformation is complete, users can type their email address on the interactive touch screen to obtain a video of their morph, as well as information about where to pick up the Avatar Blue-ray disc.  

This technology offers a glimpse of what advertisers are pushing these days: interactive out-of-home media executions. The technology, called ‘€˜augmented reality,’ adds virtual imagery to the environment as the audience sees it. A notable example is the yellow ‘€˜first down’ line in football games on TV. In this case, the Na’vi cat-eyed, blue face staring back at users is augmented reality. Other technologies gaining popularity in the OOH advertising world include holograms and nearby motion generated sights and sounds. According to Lance Porter of LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communications, ‘€œTechnology has finally caught up with what marketers have dreamed about since the Internet went commercial in 1995.  [Technology] has moved so quickly now that so many things are possible.’€

This isn’t the first digital out-of-home campaign Inwindow Outdoor has created. Similar campaigns for Sprint Mobile, The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, and the popular children’s movie, Coraline, were featured in big cities across the United States. The Avatar advertising experience (also delivered by FOX Studios, Zenith Media and Blue Bite) is on display for a month, beginning April 16th.

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