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The Holiday Season’s Best OOH Ad Creative

Holiday CreativesMany advertisers use Outdoor Advertising during the Holiday Season to reach busy shoppers at critical points during their shopping experience. To celebrate this Holiday Season, we collected several iconic outdoor holiday creative from past years. Many of you will recognize these campaigns, and perhaps they will bring back some fond memories. We gathered these images from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and from the Duke University Archives. Enjoy!

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Mervyn’s holiday ‘€œBring Home More Joy’€ design from 2003

Bloom’s ‘€œHappier Holidays’€ campaign from 2006



Tiffany & Co.’s ‘€œHoliday’€ campaign 2005

Levi’s 501 ‘€œElves Wear 501 Shrink To Fit’€ 1998

‘€Absolut Ritual’€ campaign 2002

Pepsi’s ‘€œOrnament’€ campaign 2006

2006 Coca-Cola’s ‘€œGive. Live. Love’€ campaign

Starbuck’s ‘€œLook For Holiday Magic’€ Campaign from 2003

Maker’s Mark ‘€œBah, humbug.’€

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