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Telmar and DOmedia

We’re extremely excited to announce an alliance with Telmar, the leading supplier of advertising and media information software and services. We are working together to create efficiency in media planning and buying. Stay tuned for more exciting details in the next coming months!

Read the official press release  and visit http://promo.domedia.com/telmar for more details!

New York, NY and Columbus, OH  (April 30, 2012) Telmar Group Inc., a global supplier of advertising media information software and services, today announced the formation of an alliance with DOmedia, LLC, the largest out-of-home advertising marketplace. The alliance will enable Telmar’s agency clients to turn their media plans developed with Telmar systems into media buys through DOmedia’s agency software. Additionally, DOmedia’s agency clients will be able to use Telmar’s planning analytics, the industry’s most advanced, on proposals requested through DOmedia.

The connection between Telmar and DOmedia will lead with Out-of-Home media, and will follow with additional media. With its first in class Universal API, all plans and buy requests (RFPs) generated through the connection can be completed either directly through this new platform or via third-party services such as authorized buying exchanges, ad servers and financial systems.

The Telmar and DOmedia Strategic Alliance will address the proliferation of communication by providing media professionals’ with the ability to increase their focus on strategic and creative decision making.

‘€œOur alliance with DOmedia marks an evolution in the service spectrum that Telmar offers,’€ remarks Corey Panno, President of Telmar Group Inc.  ‘€œThis increase in functionality is vital given the heightened importance of targeting the right demographic throughout the media planning process.  The last thing a media planner needs to worry about is how to mesh data gathering with the analytical phase of media planning with the proposal and implementation process.’€

With this alliance every phase of media planning will be completed with Telmar media planning tools, spanning from the initial Request for Proposal to the creation of the buy request. This alliance fits squarely into the Telmar MediaVision’„¢ platform and philosophy that ensures effective and efficient advertising outcomes through integrated marketing, media planning and buying processes.

According to Rich Langdale, CEO of DOmedia, LLC, ‘€œTelmar users will now be able to seamlessly transition from planning to proposal management and buying with even more efficiency and responsiveness to meet client needs. This alliance will help advertisers better understand the full capabilities of out-of-home media with accountability.’€

Knowing that the technical aspects associated with media planning and buying are located within a centralized database makes the whole process significantly easier, creating efficiency for clients, agencies and suppliers.

To learn more about how Telmar and DOmedia are working together, visit http://promo.domedia.com/telmar/

About Telmar

Telmar is a world-wide leading supplier of advertising and media information software and services.  Telmar’s 10,000 users across 85 countries include many of the world’s leading advertising agencies, digital and print publishers, broadcasters and advertisers.  For advertisers and advertising agencies, Telmar provides software for survey analysis, data integration, media planning and optimization and more.  For digital and print publishers, broadcasters and outdoor operators, Telmar offers the ability to collect, store and manage media research for media planning, media sales, revenue management and optimization.  Telmar has offices around the world and is headquartered in New York City, New York.  For more information on Telmar and its international services, please visit www.telmar.com.

About DOmedia

DOmedia is the Out of Home Advertising Marketplace that simplifies the process of buying and selling media. Through its online platform, buyers and sellers are able to connect and do business more efficiently. The company’s product suite also includes a web-based media buying software for advertising agencies to efficiently plan and buy national, multi-network out-of-home media campaigns. The company is privately funded and based in Columbus, Ohio, with a branch office in New York City, New York. For more information, visit www.DOmedia.com.

Media Contacts

Sarah Federman
Vice President, Global Brand Management, Telmar


Ben Wallace
Director of Marketing, DOmedia


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