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MediaPost: Telmar, DOmedia Partner for Media Buying

MediaPost’s mention of the Telmar / DOmedia alliance:

Telmar, DOmedia Partner for Media Buying

by Erik Sass

MediaPost Digital Outsider

A number of companies are using technology to make media buying and planning easier through online interfaces and increased automation in areas like verification and invoicing. This week Telmar Group, which provides advertising media information software and services, revealed that it has formed an alliance with DOmedia, which operates an out-of-home advertising marketplace, with the goal of enabling Telmar agency clients to execute media buys using DOmedia’s agency software. At the same time, DOmedia agency clients will gain access to Telmar’s planning analytics for out-of-home campaigns.

Through the new partnership, all plans and RFPs generated through the connection can be completed through the new platform, or via third-party services including  authorized buying exchanges, ad servers and financial systems. All functions are compatible with Telmar’s ‘€œMediaVision’€ platform, and indeed, out-of-home is just the first in a series of media the partners will offer. Telmar and DOmedia plan to introduced a similarly streamlined planning and buying process for other media in the not-too-distant future.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/173980/telmar-domedia-partner-for-media-buying.html#ixzz1tvrFV8pH


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