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DOmedia Announces Jeff Bell as Company Chairman (With Help From Our Friends at


The excitement here at DOmedia this week is contagious.  Not only are we welcoming our newest team member, Jeff Bell, as company Chairman, but we were also fortunate enough to appear once more in!  A big thank you to Advertising Age’s Andrew Hampp for helping us welcome Jeff in style.

To read the full article, click here:

“Former Microsoft Marketer Jeff Bell Named DoMedia Chairman”

Wanna Get High in Amsterdam?

 I’m, of course, talking about Sony Ericsson’s most recent out-of-home advertising campaign (what’d you think I was talking about?).  Sony’s C905 model cell phone is out to show everyone its 8.1 mega pixel camera can hang with the best of digital cameras.  And to prove it, they turned an Amsterdam bus shelter into a photo opp session, complete with a C905 camera and touchscreen.


People could then strike a pose for everyone nearby, and their picture would appear on a massive screen across the street, temporarily looking down on passers-by.  I can only imagine the photo gallery from something like this . . . especially in a city like Amsterdam.

KFC: Kindess From the Colonel?

KFC’s Colonel Sanders has temporarily left the world of fried chicken to instead fill in potholes.  Following the recent trend of cause-marketing, the company is now helping local governments by fixing their streets.  In return, KFC can market their “Fresh Tastes Best” campaign by stamping “Re-freshed by KFC” on the freshly laid pavement.


The current economic landscape provides the perfect opportunity for corporations to stand out by connecting with local communities in a meaningful, helpful way.  According to Advertising Age, this trend of cause-marketing appears to be growing.  For example, Charmin provided a public restroom in Times Square for the third holiday season in a row.  Along the same lines, Starbucks donated about 400,000 hours of community service towards the rebuilding effort in New Orleans.  And the shoe company Toms donates a pair of shoes to a child in a developing country every time a pair of their shoes is purchased.

Hopefully we’ll soon see many more marketing efforts like the one from KFC–which began in hometown Louisville, KY, and will seek out four more cities before returning to the life of chicken and mashed potatoes.

4A’s Media Conference & Tradeshow Recap


Last week, DOmedia had the opportunity to attend the AAAA Media Conference and Tradeshow in New Orleans (tough break, we know).  And while attendance may have been down from previous years, creativity and morale were still very high over at the DOmedia booth!

Between the many compliments on the overall visual presentation and the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the website capabilities, the 4A’s tradeshow was an official success!  Making its world debut on Wednesday morning, the new DO booth (A.K.A. DO erector set) attracted attendees to take a test drive of the site using our two 22″ monitors.  Of course, the infamous orange DOmedia yo-yo’s may have helped drive traffic just a bit, too.  Everywhere you looked, orange dots could be seen flying through the air, attendees rekindling their childhood yo-yo skills.  (And a personal thanks to everyone who trained me in the art of yo-yo over the three days–I can finally walk the dog!)


On Tuesday night, we had the great pleasure of sponsoring the Director’s Dinner at the Hilton where conversation consisted of trends in out-of-home and alternative media as well as an update on how DOmedia has grown since it was last introduced to the 4A’s.  Thank you again to everyone who attended!

And congratulations once again to all the DOmedia contest winners and a huge thanks for your support!  Participants received entry tickets by coming by the booth, wearing a DOmedia button, or following us on Twitter to name a few.  Several exciting prizes were given out such as iPod Touches, iPod Shuffles, and numerous iTunes gift cards!

Check out the rest of our pics from the tradeshow on our Flickr page

DOmedia Joins the Wonderful World of Social Media!


Now you can become a part of the DOmedia family by joining our Facebook group!  Here you can find upcoming events, contact info, important links, and recent news (to name a few).


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