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Introducing 7 New Media Sellers on DOmedia

DOmedia is happy to welcome 7 new media sellers to the largest marketplace of out-of-home and alternative media. From buses, bicycles and parking garages to college sports stadiums, from digital networks in pharmacies to branding newspapers at the most exclusive events in the world, these new vendors are prepared to reach almost any market.

Financial TimesDasher MediaAutoBus Media

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New Out-of-Home Media Sellers in the DOmedia Marketplace

DOmedia welcomes the following out-of-home media sellers to the DOmedia Marketplace. These exciting companies offer numerous engaging, eye-catching media in the country’s top markets ranging from interactive digital place-based media in executive office buildings to high-impact wallscapes, billboards, posters, cinema advertising, street teams and digital mobile trucks.



The Wall Street Journal Office Network Logo

Company Name: The Wall Street Journal Office Network
Markets: Top 15 DMAs
Category: Digital Signage Networks
Venues: Office Buildings, Elevators, Lobbies
Products: :15 Standard ScreenPage and Full ScreenPage Ads
Units: 780 Venues
Description: The Wall Street Journal Office Network, launched in 2006 by Dow Jones & Company and Office Media Network, is a leading place-based integrated marketing and communications company in the lobbies, elevators and high traffic areas of premiere office buildings throughout the nation’s top 15 DMAs. The network utilizes the latest in advanced technology to deliver up-to-the-minute news, building messages and advertising through high-definition digital flat-screens.


Liquid Outdoor Logo

Company Name: Liquid Outdoor, LLC
Markets: Top 13 DMAs for Traditional Media, Top 85 DMas for One-Sheet Posters
Category: Permanent Bulletins, Wallscapes / Spectaculars, Venue-based Signage (one-sheet posters), Outdoor Kiosks / Panels / Racks (Newsracks)
Products: One Sheet Posters, Backlit Newstands, Bulletins, Wallscapes & Spectaculars
Units: 140 faces / walls, one-sheet posters and newsracks vary by market
Description: Liquid Outdoor is a dynamic independent out-of-home media company. The company offers clients an impressive portfolio of advertising products including high-impact wallscapes and bulletins in major markets, a nationwide network of C-Store advertising, along with other non-traditional media opportunities. Expertise, knowledge, experience combined with strong product offerings makes Liquid Outdoor an asset to all its clients.


Brilliant Broadcasting Concept Logo

Company Name: Brilliant Broadcasting Concepts
Markets: Deployable
Category: Digital Mobile Billboards, Digital Video Ad Networks – with Audio (Malls), Guerrilla / Street Teams
Products: Digital Mobile Trucks, Boardwalk Digital Advertising, Viewsonic E-Poster, LCD Backpacks
Units: 10 Mobile Trucks, 25 Posters, 100 LCD Street Team Backpacks
Description: Brilliant Broadcasting Concept Inc. specializes in Digital Advertising and Signs: Mobile, Indoor and Outdoor Advertising on a state of the art Digital Signage System Platform.


cinemapromotion logo

Company Name: Cinema Promotion
Markets: Select cities in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho
Category: Cinema Screen
Products: Pre-Show Movie Advertising
Units: 20 Theaters in 4 States
Description: It is Cinema Promotion’s goal to provide you with the most effective and affordable advertising solution in today’s dynamic market. The company believes that on screen advertising is that perfect stage to promote your business. Pre-show advertising at the movie theater is the perfect way to find a captivated audience, and relay very specific messages with no distractions. Cinema Promotions has plenty of packages to choose from that will fit your business and advertising needs perfectly. The company is confident that advertising on the big screen will provide that boost for your business that you are looking for.


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New Out-of-Home Advertising Companies in the DOmedia Marketplace

DOmedia welcomes the following out-of-home (OOH) media sellers to the DOmedia Marketplace. These exciting media sellers offer a wide range of out-of-home advertising media like bus advertising, mall advertising, consumer products, aerial advertising, digital place-based media and ATM kiosks.

Search using DOfindthe OOH Industry’s Most Powerful Search Tool – to locate media inventory for your advertising campaign from over 485 media sellers like these ranging from traditional billboards to digital place-based networks and street teams.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Logo

Category: Transit (Bus Advertising)
Markets: Los Angeles DMA
Units: 200 buses
Description: Transit Advertising With an Ocean View: With more than 51 square miles of service and 1,050 bus stops located throughout Santa Monica and the Westside of LA, your target audience will view your message with high frequency. The coverage which Santa Monica Big Blue Bus can provide is unprecendented in comparison to other OOH options, which are banned in Santa Monica. From the Santa Monica Mall to the various shopping districts throughout the area, from Palos Verdes to LAX, and from downtown Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles we’ve got you covered. Don’t just think Big, get on the Big Blue Bus.




GGP Malls Logo


Category: Traditional (Mall Advertising)
Markets: Major US Markets
Units: 172 Malls
Description: GGP offers a rich and rewarding range of mall advertising opportunities. From national tours to local sponsorships, interactive events to seasonal promotions, you’ll find everything you need to create a powerful mall marketing program for your brand.

Planet News and Views Logo


Company NamePlanet News & Views
Category: Alternative (Consumer Products / Packaging)
Markets:  Major US Markets
Description: Planet News & Views is the largest school network reaching 92% of students K-12 nationwide. All programs include a post analysis conducted by a third party research company to verify distribution and provide direct feedback from the schools. The company offers branded consumer products like bookmarks, book covers, posters, stickers, bags and school supplies. Past clients include:, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, LEGO, Spinmaster,Wal-Mart, Paramount, Sony, 20th  Century Fox, Universal Studios Microsoft, Disney, Cartoon Network, Armed Forces and more.

AVPRO Worldwide

Company NameAVPRO Worldwide
Category: Alternative (Aerial Advertising)
Markets: Deployable nationwide
Units: Network of 350 aircrafts
Description: With almost 30 years experience in the aerial advertising business, both in America and Europe, Avpro Worldwide can position your message high above that of your competitor. With a network of over 350 aircraft worldwide including fixed wing planes and helicopters, we can coordinate an aerial banner campaign using a single airplane or a squadron of ten airplanes flying together in formation, to highlight your client’s name or brand.

OnCampus Advertising Logo


Company NameOnCampus Advertising
Category: Alternative & Transit (College Campuses)
Markets: Major US Markets (including Tallahassee, Boston, New Hampshire Seacoast, and State College, PA)
Description: OnCampus Advertising is a marketing and media services company specializing in targeting college students on campuses across the U.S. and Canada. Our diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small non-profit organizations experience the same consultative approach through the planning and execution phases of their media campaigns. Services include transit advertising, print, out-of-home, guerrilla, digital, mobile, direct marketing and promotions.

Health Monitor Network Logo


Category: Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), Alternative (Consumer Products / Packaging, Venue-based Signage, Wireless)
Markets: Nationwide
Description: Health Monitor Network’s platform has delivered, on average, a 6 to 1 ROI for our clients. Programs include: targeted advertising, lead generation, custom patient education publications to a brand’s high prescriber list, exam room posters, and direct mail to our vast patient database. The company has also begun to grow in the digital space with a network of waiting room HD screens and a network of in exam room interactive touch screens.


Select A Branch ATM Network Logo


Company NameATM Media Network
Category: Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)
Markets: 15 US States
Units: 2,000 ATMs
Description: We offer advertisers opportunities to target consumers in high value retail environments. Each ATM is equipped with an HD digital screen directed at passersby and a transaction screen that provides a 1-1 engagment with consumers making ATM transactions.

8 Gas Pump Signage Companies in the DOmedia Marketplace

Competition has been fueling up this week in the Gas Pump Signage business with the announcements of Gas Station TV’s plans to double its network size and Outcast Media’s merger with PumpTop TV and Health Club Media Network. For those media lovers who are unfamiliar with the space, here are 8 Gas Pump Signage Companies currently listed in the DOmedia Marketplace.

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Company Logo

AllOver Media - Gas Pump Tops

AllOver Media knows alternative out-of-home media. The company’s President, Tony Jacobson, was one of the founders of the indoor advertising industry! No company knows the complexities or has successfully executed as many indoor and gas pump campaigns over the years as this enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team. AllOver Media saw the trend emerging: time spent with traditional media was declining. Reaching captive audiences would be the key to successful advertising in the future so AllOver developed medias that couldn’t be tuned out, turned off or missed. AllOver Media uses gas pump, convenience store, indoor print and digital animation to hit captive audiences they move throughout the marketplace. Service and quality driven – and fun to work with… the company has got it ALLOVER other out-of-home media companies!

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Company Logo

Brite Media Group - Gas Station Media

Brite Media Group is a leading alternative media company helping advertisers build one-to-one relationships with consumers throughout their daily lives. Brite Media Group is composed of four companies, BriteVision Media (coffee sleeve advertising), GSA Media (gas station pump top advertising), AdverTickets (valet and machine-issued parking tickets and cash jackets) and its national indoor advertising company. With a nation-wide presence, Brite Media Group’s four companies reach millions of consumers every day.

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Captive Audience Advertising Logo

Captive Audience Advertising specializes in Alternative Advertising and marketing strategies for the modern age. Since the company began in 1996, it has led the way with indoor ambient advertising, then Gas Pump Billboard Advertising, and most recently with Mobile Billboard Advertising. Captive Audience Advertising’s programs provide customers with better ways to reach their target audience, making your advertising dollars work smarter.

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Company Logo

Gas Station TV

GSTV is the largest away from home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience , showcasing premium content from first-rate programming partners like ESPN, NBCU, local Accuweather and original content to consumers during a natural 5-minute pause point in their day.   GSTV can reach and engage on-the-go consumers like no other media.

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Company Logo
Newport Business Media - Diesel Pump Toppers

NEWPORT BUSINESS MEDIA is the undisputed leader in innovative, effective media services for trucking and its allied industries. The vast, highly fragmented North American truck market becomes easily accessible through Newport’s unique multi-media network. DIESEL PUMP TOPPERS pump it up with out-of-the-ordinary, non-traditional advertising. DIESEL PUMP TOPPERS allow you to build your brand image, convince a trucker to make a purchase, generate a direct response or direct a trucker to another location. You need DIESEL PUMPTOPPERS to catch the eye of the trucker as he is refueling his vehicle as well as when he’s walking to/from the cashier to pay his bill.

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Outcast Media Logo

Outcast Media - PumpTop TV

Outcast is a leading digital media company reaching on-the-go consumers while they fuel their vehicles. High definition LCD screens and rich sound entertain captive consumers creating a 1:1 communication platform for advertisers without ad skipping or channel surfing. The Outcast Network reaches more than 20 Million active consumers each month when they are active, off the couch and in a purchsing frame frame of mind. Advertisers that have used the Outcast network include McDonald’s, MasterCard and Honda and many more. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. with offices in New York City.

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Company Logo

Pacific Media, Inc - Gas Station Advertising

With over 10 years of experience executing non-traditional creative ideas from companies and their agencies Pacific Media has formed long lasting relationships with thousands of different types of sponsor locations all over the country. Our wide range of opportunities allows your company to expand traditional marketing ideas into endless possibilities. With over 12 years of experience in Gas Pump and non-traditional out-of- home advertising,Pacific Media combines national presence with local representation on all non-traditional campaigns.

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Company Logo

petroTV - Gas Pump Digital Screens

petroTV taps into a captive audience by utilizing high-definition LCD screens strategically placed at gas pumps.

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