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Welcoming 5 New Media Vendors for Your Ad Campaign

DOmedia is happy to welcome the addition of 5 new media vendors to the largest marketplace of traditional and alternative out-of-home media. This week’s additions include traditional billboard companies, Dpb networks, media audit services, ad technology enabling body tracking and gesture recognition, and major event sponsorship opportunities. These companies offer their services in a wide array of venues across the US and are ready to execute your next campaign through multiple channels.

Trifecta EntertainmentOmek InteractiveRoberts Media

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New OOH Media Opportunities at DOmedia

DOmedia is happy to welcome 4 new OOH media sellers to the marketplace of out-of-home and alternative media. New media offerings include traditional bulletins, mobile billboards, outdoor projections, and licensed content feeds for digital signage networks. Whether you’re looking to execute a traditional OOH campaign, or considering a new alternative, these vendors offer eye catching options in a variety of formats and venues across the US.

TMMSBScreenfeedAPS Mobile Advertising

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Integrating Mobile & Digital Place Based Campaigns

One of the most talked about trends in the out-of-home industry is the rising use of mobile media. Despite the tremendous growth of mobile over the last several years, the industry has yet to agree upon how to integrate with OOH campaigns. One way advertisers are integrating is the placement of QR Codes in their existing OOH media. The QR Code directs the consumer to a mobile-optimized landing page with a call to action. Multiple industry studies have shown that QR Codes are scanned by 10-15% of smartphone users. Another nascent mobile ad execution is augmented reality (AR). It is an emerging media that lays an artificial, interactive layer over the actual view of the surrounding environment, as seen through a phone’s camera. AR offers new ways for brands to interact with consumers but it is not yet widely used by advertisers and few consumers are aware of its capabilities. While these emerging mobile media technologies are exciting, sometimes it’s easier to reach the consumer using methods that are more widely used and accepted. An example is the sponsorship of mobile hotspots, integrating a mobile-activated landing page that delivers advertising in conjunction with Dpb campaigns.

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Show Off Your Assets: MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Awards

Enter now & save!

On April 11th, MediaPost will host the fourth annual Digital Out-of-Home Awards in New York City to celebrate the year’s most innovative and effective advertisements in the realm of digital out-of-home media.  Awards are now open for entries: enter your work

The 16 categories for this year’s awards will cover everything from the best digital out-of-home brand campaigns, to the most innovative use of technology and delivery formats, to the best use of location, and the best integrations with other forms of media.  Get all the info at the event site.

We’d like to encourage all of the brands and DOOH vendors in the DOmedia Marketplace to enter MediaPost’s Digital Out-of-Home Awards and show off your success! We’d be happy to help you in your application process. Contact us at

Introducing the Digital Signage Sentiment Survey

Bill Gerba of WireSpring is conducting a study to gauge the level of industry optimism. See below to take this quick 3 question, anonymous survey.

Take the survey below.

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